hey every1 newbie triathelete here

Guest  Jan 5th 2008 at 02:18
i am 16 years old and am plannin to do a sprint triatholon in march and have just started trainin. i did 20 miles on ma bike and can do 500m swim i just cant run very far. would like to know any tips any1 can give me on trainin or gear thank you. happy new year!!!!!! xoxox
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sobehoser  Jan 5th 2008 at 23:39
Good to see young people getting into the sport. Sounds like you are doing well on the swim and bike. For the run I have two suggestions: 1. if your goal is to win, you'll need more training time, including some runs coming off the bike. 2. if your goal is just to finish a sprint, there is no shame in walking a bit when you are tired, then pick up a comfortable pace once you're heartrate comes down.

Once you complete a race, you will have "the bug" and you are hooked!

Good luck.
RichG  Jan 6th 2008 at 05:18
Yeah I agree, when I did my first sprint I was certain I was well prepared.. all except for whole the running off the bike thing. I ended up walking about 10 times (although the run course was ridiculously hilly) but you get used to it.

At 16 its great that your into the sport, I'd just suggest giving it a go and see how you like it, enjoy racing then as you do a race, or two, or three you'll start to see areas that you can improve on.

If you find you enjoy it then find your local club and join up. Clubs in the UK seem to be really well organised and tend to have a good few training sessions (usually coached) every week. You'll get plenty of advice and help from any good club at these sessions.

Have fun!
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