Hip flexor injury

Guest  Oct 8th 2008 at 09:28
Hey, ANY advice would be welcome here... I have a long standing back injury that stopped me rowing about 3 years ago and i had to swap to different sports! So i thought that i would try triathalon. However, as a result of having bad back, i also have tight hamstrings, glutes and across the hips too..... :( I do ooodles of stretching on a daily basis too...

Well the main problem is that i was trying to do a time trial run to test myself and see how i was getting on in terms of speed and i really pulled my left hip flexor....don't think i have done any lasting damage, but i could barely weight bear for 2 days and it is still stopping me doing any weight bearing exercise and fitness 2 weeks later...so frustrating! I can just about swim, but even this is testing when i am in full extension at the hip.

Any advice as to what i can do to stop it happening again, or perhaps for rehab? Its getting very tedious carrying an injury! I seem to always have something that niggles, which was part of the reason for a switch of sport in the first place to facilitate more cross training...

Thanks for any advice!

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Skinnybuddah  Oct 9th 2008 at 18:49
How unlucky and painful sounding.
I think the best thing to do would be to get a good physio, with whom you could build a longstanding relationship with, particularly if you do tend to carry injury. There's a good chance he/she will then be able to treat you and pre-empt any further injuries.
I know its not much in way of a cure, but I think what I'm trying to put across is accept you carry injury, make a good physio part of your 'team' and train in consultation with them. Unless you're a pro, we all earn our money outside of this, so I guess we need to be in good shape for our main, (if somewhat tedious) job.

Hope this helps, and keep your spirits up, once you get to know what causes it and how you can treat it and pre-empt you'll be in a better position.

ritchie  Oct 10th 2008 at 10:19
When I made the transition from rowing and running to tri's, I Had really painful hip flexors.

I went to seek advice from the "experts" the common answer I got from them and indeed others in my club was that the problem lies with the cycling.
It would appear that people who are new to cycling from other sports generally have tight ligaments etc etc around the hip joints and hamstings. The advice I was given is not to use too low gears and to keep spinning at a high cadence (95 /100) on the bike until all those hip flexors,hamstings ect get stretched out and used to a new movement.

I was'nt sure about that answer , but gave it a go. After going thru' some pain it began to improve. Since that time the only time I get a reaccurance is when I use the big rings and low gears. so i guess their right !! not sure if this will cure your issue, but for me, it worked and my cycling is more enjoyable as well (if that's possible) give it a go, see what happens good luck !

Guest  Oct 14th 2008 at 12:55
I have done quite a bit of cycling as this was the my first hook into tri. I've always been told off for crunching away in low gears as well...think it stems from my rowing days and having the 'power house' in your legs and thinking that slow but maximal effort = more recovery! Doesn't really ring true with cycling and i have been making a concious effort to get my cadance up especially when i am out on shorter rides. So i will now try even harder and see if this makes a difference?!

In terms of physio i have seen a number of physios in my time.....usually i have to confess i don't end up being compliant with their advice as i find alot of what is given quite impractical when trying to fit in around work...

Spirits are starting to rally a little this week as things are beginning to improve and it is giving my upper body a chance to catch up with some strength work which is helping my swimming out...no excuse not to get in the pool now...

Thanks for all the advice guys!

Libby X
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