barbie_on_a_bike  Aug 30th 2007 at 15:58
Hi, I've always run, swim and cylced in isolation but have just started training with the intention of doing my first tri next year... I have a real problem with hydration and am interested to hear about timing, quantities and which products seem to work the best??

Look forward to hearing
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Flan  Sep 1st 2007 at 09:15

It depends on the length of the race and the temperature. For sprints I try to hydrate with two table spoons of gatorade in a 750ml bottle on race morning, take a small bottle on the bike half full for sipping and not bother on the run.

For olympics I take a full 750ml bottle on the bike with a mild mix of gatorade or sis. I sip water on the run.

Practice during training and keep hydrated during non race days anyway

Have a good race

barbie_on_a_bike  Sep 3rd 2007 at 14:24
Hi Phil
Thanks for your reply - like I said, I'm a real novice, but this seems to make a lot of sense. Looking around on the web there seems to be a biased towards Gatorade and away from Lucozade - but I can't find Gatorade anywhere??? In theory you can buy it in Waitrose but I can't find it there either.

Is it really the best rehydrator and do you have any idea why?

Thanks again
Teppo  Sep 3rd 2007 at 17:47

With hydration there's plenty on different sport drinks around and you just need to find the right one for you. Just go and try which one suits for you as some for some people some sport drinks gives funny stomach. Gatorade as said to be most researched sport drink and it only coming up in uk.
And again to find out how much ou need to drink during the race we're all different so you just need to test during your training how much fluids you need. For me it about the same than what Phil said how much he takes during the race.
If you want to try gaterade you can go to: gaterade.co.uk and put your post code and it will tell you where to find it in London. You also get some usefull information about hydration. Just better call the shop first and make sure they still sell it.

Good luck with your training.
barbie_on_a_bike  Sep 10th 2007 at 15:19
I had a good long ride on Sunday. I'm drinking about every 30 minutes - gatorade - but ended feeling quite full and not particularly hydrated.

Could I be drinking too often - I was only out for about two and a half hours?

I'm feeling a little confused as to why gatorade should be better than juice as I usually drink juice and actually thought I was better on it???

Just interested to hear any other thoughts on this.

Oziem  Sep 10th 2007 at 17:13

I use dilute PSP22 ( http://www.scienceinsport.com/psp22.htm) . Don't need to use the levels that they suggest, its much too sweet!

I aim to drink 1l per hour in training and that works well for me. I drink small amounts regularly, i wouldnt suggest drinking loads at once because you will probably feel a bit bloated.

The amount you need to drink is todo with the amount you sweat and ofcourse the effort level of the session (the harder you work the more you will sweat).

One suggestion is to weigh yourself before a hour session and afterwards and work out how much weight you have lost. This will approximately be the amount of liquid you lose per hour of training. NB. This will be different for swimming, cycling and running.

Hopefully AndyB will correct anything I have missed.
"Must tri harder"
barbie_on_a_bike  Sep 10th 2007 at 17:34
Thanks - that sounds good although i'm not sure if I actually lose any weight when I train!

thanks also for reference to PSP - will look into that one.

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