Ironman UK 07

Flan  Sep 1st 2007 at 09:24
Any TriBlogs triathletes do the UK Ironman?

I did. My first full distance. It was cool and windy on the day with loads of punctures on the bike (thankfully not for me).

I used a 13 week training plan and used this training diary (excellent bit of kit!!!!)

Aimed at 13 hours. Did 12h8. Still haven't come down to earth.

Now planning for next year (just got to get through Helvellyn next week)

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lycramassif  Sep 3rd 2007 at 09:11
Hi Phil
Well done mate nice time too!
I'm interested to know which 13 week plan you done.
Flan  Sep 15th 2007 at 08:35
It's one a mate at the club developed (he is a sports coach). I tried to paste in the link but its password protected. I could email it to you?

lycramassif  Sep 18th 2007 at 11:43
Yeah please!
many thanks
richardadams  Sep 21st 2007 at 08:50
Hey Phil

Cool time, I was there had good swim but got carried away on the bike and blew pretty badly on the last lap. At the end of the bike lap (3rd) i punctured and so had to run in to transistion from there, (gas cannister didn't work) so by the time i got to the marathon my legs were shot.

Managed 13:43 in the end but hey i will be there next year!

Flan  Sep 23rd 2007 at 10:28
Good effort Richard.

I am going to have a crack at Austria for 08.
Rob Arnold  Sep 26th 2007 at 21:18
Rob Arnold
I did IM UK-first one since Austria in 2002. Had a great swim-came out just behind Bella Comerford. Tough windy and hilly bike-2000m of climbing.( I went 11.55) Lanzarote is only 1500m of climbing and because one of my training partners got pulled out of the swim 'cos he was getting hypothermia and wants to do an Ironman with a warmer swim we are doing Lanzarote next year.

Congrats to anyone else who did IMUK.
Flan  Sep 28th 2007 at 12:39
Nice one Rob.

Looking for Sub 12 next year. A number of mates (Rugby Tri) are doing IMLZ next year.

The UK seems to have a "hard" reputation which I'm glad I didn't know about until after the race!
Flan  Sep 28th 2007 at 12:39
Nice one Rob.

Looking for Sub 12 next year. A number of mates (Rugby Tri) are doing IMLZ next year.

The UK seems to have a "hard" reputation which I'm glad I didn't know about until after the race!
Chig  Oct 29th 2007 at 22:10
Well done Phil and Richard. You must have passed me on the run Phil. I had my usual moderate swim around 1:15, had an awesome bike, sub 5:45, but was carrying a knee injury and knew I couldn't run, hence giving it plenty on the bike. Got to 11 miles before my ITB final gave in and I could run no more. Hobbled along the dual carriageway for 2 hours - what a stunningly hideous part of the course! 'Ran' the last mile on adrenelin for just under a 12.5 hour finish - not bad including a 10 mile walk, but was really hoping for a PB. Haven't dared run since, but knee on the mend, thankfully. The moral of the tale - stretch more, and take up Yoga!

Having done Lanzarote twice I can guarantee it has more than 1500m climbing! I clocked this year at 2241m climbed, but they very generously cut out one of the hills because the road was so bad. Expect it to be back to the more usual 2500m next year. Also at Sherborne, a lot of the climbs follow some fairly decent descents, so you get quite a few free metres at the start of the climbs. I was much fitter in May, and un-injured, but was a full 30 mins slower on the bike in Lanzarote than Sherborne. Add in 30 degree heat and 45mph headwind (as in 2006), and its a pretty tough day in the saddle, and just to make it really fun, those miserable *****s at Powerbar only supply enough gels for the run, so the bike is gel-free at the aid stations! I'm not trying to put you off, Lanzarote is a fantastic, friendly race that I would recommend to everyone, I just don't want you to turn up thinking the bike will be easier than Sherborne. I'll hopefully see you there; enjoy the training.
Flan  Nov 17th 2007 at 19:30

Hope you get your ITB sorted. Poped a calf muscle on Thurs DOH!

Agree about hills on Sherbourn - I was more worried about the road surface and punctures.

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