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Guest  Nov 10th 2008 at 17:32
When recording sessions, even when I save as miles it always converts back to kms...
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Oziem  Nov 29th 2008 at 10:18
Hi, yes the system will currently always show distance in km. This is on my issues list.
"Must tri harder"
Steven  Jan 8th 2009 at 14:35
Any chance this will be corrected soon?
Km really do my head in!
Otherwise I'm loving it - only just discovered the kit section though!!! :D
Oziem  Jan 8th 2009 at 14:39
yes, i've just finished a couple of other projects, and now back coding triblogs
"Must tri harder"
Oziem  Jan 16th 2009 at 12:45
I have done some work on km/miles today.

Firstly when you add a session it remembers the unit (km/miles) i.e. if you display or edit that session.

The application settings page is now working. So if you change your default unit to miles. It should be automatically be selected when you add a session. Also, totals should also be in the preferred unit.

There may be a few places where km is always the default unit but I will try and iron those out asap.
"Must tri harder"
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