London Triathlon & Bala Middle Distance

Brick  Nov 6th 2006 at 20:26
Two questions.

I\'m keen to do the London Tri next year. I\'m from the northwest and wondered where people recommended staying? Was looking for somewhere very close to make the day much easier.

Also, has anyone done the Bala Middle Distance triathlon before? Keen to do it but don\'t know much about it. Saw it is the same distance as a Half Ironman. Is the course easier than the Ironman 70.3 or not?
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alsuth007  Dec 11th 2006 at 22:24
Do a web search at london excel. Various hotels around the site. Ramada and another one on the East side and three or four novotel or similar at west end. Most offer some form of car parking as well I think.
I have the pleasure of spending 10 days working at the boat show in January so will be getting all my info then for the London Tri.
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