Justinsanderson  Dec 15th 2008 at 14:08
Hi Dave,

Trying to add a new pair of running shores to 'kit list' so that I know when to get a new pair... I choose 'Miles' from drop down menu, but when I click 'Save' it reverts to 'km'.

cheers mate,


Ps... If you're swimming tonight, try to not make the rest of us look TOO bad!!!
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Oziem  Jan 8th 2009 at 15:03
Hi, thanks for let me know about this.
when you add a kit item it will convert the miles in km now
"Must tri harder"
Rubaflo  Sep 10th 2009 at 22:21
Just wanted to let you know that all of the Charting options I have tried so far all revert to KM even though the diary is storing items in Miles. I validated this bug trying to chart cycling distance and average speed.
Oziem  Sep 11th 2009 at 11:29
Thanks Rubaflo,

It was showing in km and km/h. It should now be in miles and mph if you have miles as your default distance unit.
"Must tri harder"
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