Minor issue

alex  Jun 16th 2009 at 14:59
Hi David,

I love triblogs, by far the best diary I have ever used. I have one main issue. When you right click on a day to bring up the pop up menu, the pop up menu does not show up on the screen in its entirety if the day picked is too low on the screen. if it could be programmed to come up in its entirety would be good, at the moment I have to scroll so the week being ammended is high enough on the screen and then right click. the problem here is it means that visibility of weeks is pretty much limited to the current week, where i like to see the 2 previous weeks.

The problem would be improved if the top banner add was smaller - but for sure this has to stay the same size.

Keep up the good work.. (I hope you understand what I mean)
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