new bike (again)!

ianbrom  Sep 7th 2008 at 14:12
Following my last thread I've ben looking ay Quintana Roo bikes. They seem Tri specific and not all a Kings ransom. Anyone have one and have any thoughts. If not, it looks like the 07 Felt B2!
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Flan  Sep 8th 2008 at 12:46
QR are very good frames. I have not used one but a number of mates have.

As a tip - always go for the best frame and fit you can afford. Upgrades of wheels etc can follow.

I have a Planet X Stealth (alu frame with carbon fork,rear stays, aero bars & seat post with Shimano 105 goupset). Its TT/Tri geometry. All for under a grand. I added carbon deep section rims at a later date. Very pleased with it. The new Stealth is all carbon.
RichG  Sep 8th 2008 at 23:52
I heard Trek bikes are quite good....

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