BRI A  Apr 25th 2008 at 02:22
Hi all new to tri moved over from marathon running,started oct 07 after 13 marathons first tri 11th may alnwick sprint distance any advice welcome
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MWTri  Apr 25th 2008 at 15:09
Don't set yourself any major targets except finishing.
Just go out and enjoy it.
RichG  Apr 26th 2008 at 00:54
...and enjoy the running after riding a bike!!

BRI A  Apr 26th 2008 at 10:43
Cheers for comments just looking to complete the race what ever the time its a pb as long as i dont drown i will be happy.
RichG  Apr 28th 2008 at 04:22
In a sprint distance you should be OK to enjoy it and have a good blast around. For longer distances you have measure your efforts a bit more. Since you're a strong runner you might find you finish pretty strongly.


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