Ogs  Mar 5th 2009 at 14:15
Hi all,

I have finally decided to set myself the challenge of doing a triathalon, never done anything like this so thought I would start with the South Coast fun triathalon.

Now I've made my decision where do I start? I have no ideas how to train for this so any suggestions would be great.

Please help.

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Wilko  Mar 5th 2009 at 15:23

Have you any background in any of the disciplines?

I found starting again swimming with a local club with my background of swimming was a good way to do it and introduced running and cycling by getting to the pool on the bike or by foot.

The key thing is introduce the exercise gently, a good guide for running for example is to start with easy runs of say 20 mins 3 times a week (rest day between each) and increase the time by 10% per week. Don't get too hung up on mileage at the moment you will do more or less of different days depending on how you feel/you muscles are working.

How about a local Tri club? ( or maybe a local cycling or running club? They can sometimes have a core of individuals that do Tri.

Ogs  Mar 6th 2009 at 11:32
Thanks for the reply Wilko.

Currently I mountain bike weekly and ride to work occassionally. Now that the weather has changed I will ride to work more often.

I am a pretty competent swimmer so will just try to increase the amount I can do.

My biggest fear is running. I can't do it!! I have always liked the idea of being a runner but I absolutley hate it. Will have to work hard on this.

Thanks for your advise

Flan  Mar 9th 2009 at 15:54
Running is about ABC
Arms - make sure you use them. Especially on climbs and keep your shoulders relaxed
Breathing - Breath in for two strides out on the third. Once you get your breathing sorted running gets easier(ish)
Cadence - Don't try striding out if you’re new to running. Think about moving your legs quicker rather than longer. After the bike leg you will run like this anyway!

As per Wilko - build up slowly. AND the best way to improve quickly and have fun training is to join a local tri club. I hated running before I got into tri. I am not fast by any means but over the winter I have run 6 off road 13+ mile training runs, all with my club (Rugby Tri)

Best of luck with the training
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