DAVESKY  Jan 17th 2007 at 16:35
Hi ,Ii have entered the 1/2 ironman uk in June and it is the biggest event i have entered before. Any tips on Nutrition ? I have Powerbar Performance Sports Drink and the Performance Bars, Is it best to take a bar 1/2 hr before training and then take the recovery drink afterwards. Any help would be much appreciated..

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edwarma  Jan 18th 2007 at 12:48

Would say that nutrition is highly individual. and vital for an HIM, so good question! You\'ll find people using a whole range of different strategies for nutrition. The bottom line is - try it out, before the big day.

Rather than give you answers (of which there aren\'t many definites!), here\'s some questions to think about/ask people about/research for yourself:

1 - pre-, during-, and post-race nutrition serves different purposes. What are these, and what does that indicate about the sort of things you should be eating or drinking?

2 - what sort of drinks and food will be you personally be able to take in during races?

3 - how do you test point 2, ie how can you best replicate race-day conditions, without actually doing the distance?

4 - what\'s available on the course on the day? Will you use it?

have fun!
theeel  Jan 18th 2007 at 13:13
All IM races use PB - so use it in training - Nutrition is a big subject and you will get lots of differing views.

I am an 80kg athlete and found that 1/2 PB every 1/2 hr and 1 PB gel on the bike works for me - I have also tried to break the PB down to 1/4 and take every 15 minutes on bike - problem is the PB stick together!!!

PB on run not good so stick to PB gels -
Doing IM races there is a tendancy to eat everything infront of you! Dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have previously had IM banquet probs where my digetive tract stopped working and decided to empty itself twice on the run ! You dont want to go there!

Have fun

Give us a call if you want to chat further 07740393510
The eel
RichG  Jan 18th 2007 at 23:28
I\'d agree with all the above, only, I personally don\'t get on too well with power Bar products. I use SIS and find them superb (although try not to mix until you get to that stage of the run where you\'ll take anything that\'s offered)

On the bike, I also go for 1/2 a GO bar every half hour (even if I don\'t feel like I need it), but sometimes mix it with the good old banana (on the next half hour), just because I find them pretty easy to get down. Remember always to be taking on fluids regularly as well. I came home from the bike leg at Weymouth last year with 1.5 full water bottles and crawled the last 10 miles of the run....

For UK 1/2 IM you\'ll have to pack your bags the night before, so as a point for preparation, make sure you put in your nutrition for each part of the race along with some extra\'s. Unless you want to get through transition in 15 seconds I\'d say its a good time to take on some water and solids at each stage, so pack in some some that you don\'t need to take with you on the run/bike.

Also take extra \"breakfast\" in with you - I remember a very very delayed start a couple of years ago, I was starting to get a little peckish before we saw the water....
SteveB  Jan 21st 2007 at 19:50
Nutrition for me on a 2 hour 15 ride last week, ridden at h/r 60-75%. I\'m 6 ft 4 and 14 stone, so I do need a lot of fuel! - 1 SIS electrolyte gel, 2 Power gels, taken every 30 minutes. 750 ml of SIS electrolyte drink and 1 litre of water. 1 banana and fruit bar. 1 750 ml SIS recovery drink post ride.
I am also entered into Ironman UK 70.3 this year and am towards the end of my base phase for long endurance bike rides, so I have been experimenting a bit with nutrition. I felt that the above got it more or less spot on for me. Obviously for the race it will be longer in the saddle so I will add 2-3 Power gels, and take on board another 2 litres of water, and depending on the weather more electrolyte drink. I do like the SIS drinks but I prefer the Power Gels to the SIS ones, although they are very thick, just need plenty of water with them, but they do provide a \'kick\', especially the caffeine ones!
Guest  Jan 23rd 2007 at 15:00
For training I use PowerBar Gels when riding and running as well as their Sports drink (find the taste doesn\'t change when it gets too warm and in this region it gets very warm when training... endurox is disgusting when it heats up).
I have now switched to Gatorade sports drink (powder type) for fluid as most races around here give gatorade as the drink mid-race and I prefer to be used to what I am taking in a race.

I am also guilty of eating anything and everything I can lay my hands on during an Ironman distance race.... after all those gels and sports drinks it is really nice to have some fruit and vegemite sandwiches :-)
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