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SteveB  May 31st 2007 at 16:35
I will check the BTA website for this but maybe somebody knows already.
I\'m doing Wimbleball and I want my wife to hand me drinks bottles halfway on the bike leg - basically swap over used ones for new ones. Is this allowed or classed as outside assistance?
Or is it best for me to find a place to leave them on the ground and pick them up on the course?
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RichG  Jun 1st 2007 at 02:51
Forgive my ignorance (I live in China) - what distance is it?
SteveB  Jun 1st 2007 at 09:14
Half Ironman. I have checked the BTA website and it looks like it would classify as outside assistance as drinks must be taken from designated aid stations.
Bit of a pain, I don\'t really want to stop to pick up fluid from stations on the bike and I really don\'t do Gatorade, which is their drink of choice. I just want more water really as I like to use PowerBar Gels. I can have 4 750ml bottles on my bike, but I\'m 6 ft 4\" and do get through a lot of fluid, and am hopeless at taking it on the run. So I was figuring if I can get all my nutrition while on the bike then I can cope with a couple of gels and a bit of water on the run.
I really wanted my missus to pass me some water bottles halfway on the bike(start of 2nd lap) but doesn\'t look like it\'s possible.
Any thoughts would be most helpful, as this is my first shot at the longer distance stuff.
RichG  Jun 1st 2007 at 10:52
Steve, I also can\'t eat and run (a fact that puts me right off full IM distance).

Woah! 4 bottles!! that\'s a lot of weight!! Do you think you can get away with just 2x750ml bottles? or one if you\'re feeling brave. I\'m guessing they\'ll have bike ready bottles at water stations, therefore, you can use bottles you\'re not fussed about and chuck them when you\'re done and pop the new ones straight in - or if not, when you finish a bottle, take off the top and put it in your pocket and when you get your new bottle, pour the water in - you\'ll loose some of it, and you\'ll have to slow down a little, but you\'ll probably only loose seconds (less than you\'d loose hauling the extra weight)

Also - I recommend you find out where the stations are and calculate when you\'re going to fill (maybe allowing enough to make it to the next station if you drop a bottle). I\'ve heard say that you should aim to drink 750ml every hour, which means for the time you\'re thinking about you might get away with 2 bottles to start and 1 refil en-route

Eating - I tend to have a little something every 30 mins whether I think I need it or not.

If you\'ve been training and done an Olympic distance I don\'t think you\'ll find the extra distance too difficult with the right drinking and eating (until you get to the end of the run and if you\'re anything like me, with 2 miles to go you won\'t care if the drink supplied is Gatorade, Go, Coke or lemon barley water, you\'ll take whatever is there!!)

Good Luck!

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