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berdim  Oct 14th 2008 at 13:03
Hi there!

TriBlogs' great, I use it everyday, it's a really useful means. I have a question: in the "View" I can print the workout's of a month, but on the print view only the names of the sessions appear, that is, if I print it, the distances/times won't be seen. One only can tell what I did that month, but not how much I ran, swam etc. Is it possible to set it in a way so in the print view the distances would appear?

thank you!
Mark Berdi
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Oziem  Oct 14th 2008 at 13:54
Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Is that for your plan or diary? I will add this information soon.
"Must tri harder"
Oziem  Oct 14th 2008 at 19:26
I've added distance/time and it should show the proper sport type
"Must tri harder"
berdim  Oct 14th 2008 at 20:44
Yeah, its workin! thank you, its great! Now I can print it and show it to my coach.
berdim  Oct 20th 2008 at 06:50
Could you help me in this too?

In Diary/Moth view today it starts with 20th. How can I set it so in the month view it'd start with the first week of the month? In the previous version I could step back and earlier weeks appeared. Is there a "back arrow" button here too?

thank you!
berdim  Oct 20th 2008 at 06:57
Sorry, I found it... :-)
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