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Oziem  Mar 24th 2006 at 21:23
I\'m currently writing the public display for your blogs, which ofcourse will be optional. You will be able to select the information which is shown and hopefully some layout and graphical settings. Are there any special features which you would like to see in this? All ideas are welcome!
"Must tri harder"
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tripyrenees  Jan 5th 2007 at 09:07
Happy New Year.
Has the Public view been implemented.
Oziem  Jan 5th 2007 at 12:19
its coming as part of the new version
"Must tri harder"
dsb  Jan 25th 2007 at 03:48
Would be good if we could choose to have our blogs public, or just accessible to some members, thanks!
theeel  Jan 25th 2007 at 13:23
How about a comment box so the \'public\' can have their say on your programme?

When will this be up and running?
The eel
Oziem  Jan 25th 2007 at 13:32
I have written a large part of the new site, but I\'ve got my phd deadline next week so I haven\'t been able to work on the site for a while. I reckon by the end of feb the new version should be online, with most of the feature requests
"Must tri harder"
nickajderian  Feb 27th 2007 at 22:49
how about letting us add pictures/video clips/hyperlinks to blog entries? Whilst you're at it, do a "digg" and "bury" thing too. Of course you then have to watch out for advertisers and spammers... but you _young_ people know more about web2.0 than us old timers...
RichG  Feb 27th 2007 at 23:09
Is that a Guinea Pig?
nickajderian  Feb 28th 2007 at 11:17
yes, it's Bill, my training partner. We have the same body shape and we run about the same speed. However he's not very good on a bike, because of the opposable thumbs thing.
RichG  Feb 28th 2007 at 14:43
Have you tried one of those fun fair/circus "steer the wrong way" bikes for him?
Oziem  Mar 11th 2007 at 19:23
there will be loads of features but i haven\'t got time to list them all!
"Must tri harder"
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