Flan  Jul 18th 2009 at 10:26
Great race and great venue. Still amazed at the first 3 womens times. I didn't see Chrissie but the reports were she stormed the bike and was flying on the run!

I didn't quite get my sub 11 but knocked time off all my splits from Austria last year
1:3:41 for the swim
5:32:08 for the bike. Lost a few mins trying to get gears to run - doh!
4:26:54 for the run - felt good for first half and last 10k but wobbled a bit between 25 & 30Km


Comparing Austria with Roth the bike at Roth is a bit quicker but the run is a bit slower.
The crowds and finish are the best yet!
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SteveB  Jul 20th 2009 at 14:10
Excellent work!!!

Hoping to be there next year for my first long distance race.
Flan  Aug 31st 2009 at 22:11
Its a good race and the support is fantastic. I thought two locations for the transitions would be too much admin but it was not a problem.
Accomodation can be a problem. I went with Nirvana,staying in Nuremburg which was fine but it would have been better to be closer to the race site.

The finish is fantastic

Good luck with the training!
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