Strengths & Weaknesses

RichG  Jul 7th 2006 at 16:39
Sorry I’m getting a bit “bluesky” here..... Again on the theme of monitoring or alerts.

Something that would be really good (although possibly not so practical) would be the ability to flag certain key sessions/disciplines/intensities (all or any combination) as strengths or weaknesses and then monitor whether you are over training strengths or undertraining weaknesses.

i.e. the ability to pick up through reports (or by some kind of flag or alert) the fact that you are doing too much 80-90% cycle work and not enough 60-70%. Or at a basic level too much running, not enough swimming etc (or for me not enough core work)

Again this would require some kind of coaching or personal input to actually set targetted amounts of volumes of certain training types (which is where the “not sure how practical this would be” comes in). A nice feature to have but.....

Also - a feature for the coaches that flags if athletes are missing/not recording/altering planned sessions??? a bit of big brother...
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