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SteveB  Nov 1st 2006 at 20:52
Great site, excellent diary look and feel and use of DHTML and PHP.
I want to post a thread asking about swim technique, specifically tumble turns. I can see a lot of topics/threads being posted in general. Is it perhaps worth breaking it down into sections such as swim training/technique, same for bike, same for run?

Keep up the good work

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Oziem  Nov 2nd 2006 at 09:59

Yeah will split the forums when there starts to be more activity. I don\'t think we get enough posts yet to warrent it.
"Must tri harder"
SteveB  Nov 3rd 2006 at 13:10
Good point. As a web developer myself I\'m always a bit reluctnat to work on enhancements that are not likely to be used a great deal.
Am doing my best to promote the site more amongst friends and work colleagues.
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