Training for a Marathon and MTB enduro

shaundeaston  Feb 16th 2008 at 14:46
Any advice for how to prepare for both a marathon run (over the moors of the Dark Peak) and an MTB enduro event?

Ive seen plenty of advice and schedules for marathon running and in the time frame I have the schedules and plans are perfectly reasonable. But combining this with the Enduro and a few Road Time Trial events is the bit that vexing me! I have seen advice on Duathlon training but they so far seem aimed at training for race distance rather than marathon distance.

Im neither a great runner/mtb'er/ or time trialler. But I can run 15 miles fairly easily and do a 25mile TT in under 1hr 15m..... just! The Enduro event as far as I know is only about 50-55km although the nature of the MTB terrain may make that seem a lot further at the time.

In both events the goal is to get round with some dignity rather than glory!!!!
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