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JaneD  May 11th 2007 at 11:00
Does anyone have any ideas of how I can train whilst I have bad (torn Cruciate ligament) knee?
Am swimming lots but keen to keep my aerobic fitness up out of the water too.
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Dermski  May 13th 2007 at 14:57

Hi Jane,

Not sure now bad your knee is but have you tried or heard of aqua running/jogging? It\'s still in the water but it would be a different kind off work out, and it may also reduce the risk of impact on the knee.
There\'s also the chance that you could work on your \"core” with stretches and certain weight exercises maybe?

Hope this helps some how.

By the way are you a member of Edinburgh tri or the Road Club?

JaneD  May 14th 2007 at 09:38
thanks for that - will give aqua running a go.
Am member of Edin triathletes but haven\'t done much with them to date. Do you train with them?
Dermski  May 15th 2007 at 08:44

I\'m Training with Edinburgh Road Club, when I can. Work seems to be getting in the way at the min :(
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