Two suggestions

Chig  Aug 1st 2006 at 19:10
This site just gets better and better - just donated as promised. Two suggestions, one simply, one possibly not:
Can you put a \'core\' category into the plan/diary. I know I could record it under either weights or conditioning, but I\'m fussy! (you\'ll also notice I don\'t do much of this anyway)
Secondly, when you record the effort of a session this translates to the weekly effort %. Trouble is that if you do a few anaerobic intervals during a long session, and then record the session as say 90%, the weekly % bar suggests that you\'re doing way too much high zone stuff. Could this be split up within the session, as most people probably have the relevant HR zone data to record for each session anyway.
Keep up the great work, and hope the racings going well - ooh, that makes me think of another suggestion - how about a race section in the forum, so members of this wonderful community can see if the trainings paying off for others? (or is there one already?)
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Chig  Aug 1st 2006 at 19:12
Scratch the last bit - there is one already, but no-one uses it!!! Reminder to self - don\'t have spur of the moment suggestions.
Oziem  Aug 1st 2006 at 21:03
+ I\'ve added core training

+ I intend to do some kind of interval tool so that we can record time spend in zones. Will be a while till I get to that though.

Thanks for the donation!
"Must tri harder"
Chig  Aug 2nd 2006 at 15:38
Now that\'s what I call service - cheers mate.

I suppose I need to do some sit-ups now!
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