uk 1/2 iron-man '07

morgan26  Oct 13th 2006 at 08:11
any one take part in this years event? how difficult is the course?

I intend going for it next year, entry as soon as pay-day comes round.
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SteveB  Oct 23rd 2006 at 20:47

Entered into 2007. I read the last copy of 220 Triathlon magazine and the bike course is the same as 2006, apparently a bit of a tester!! A few hills!
I wished I had read the mag first!!!
morgan26  Oct 30th 2006 at 19:21
submitted my entry form on the net earlier!

thats the easy bit done!
SteveB  Nov 1st 2006 at 20:47

Good man. I\'m just spending time working out a trianing schedule from now until the evetn and have added some events along the way.
I don\'t know if anyone has suggested having each user\'s own race blog? That is accessible to all and all can compare notes.
Would make interesting reading!

I am going to shamelessly promote my sponsoship form , as my pack came through. If anyone else needs sponsoring then by all means get them posted on here and I\'ll contribute.

Keep posting to the site and let us all know how your training/racing goes as you build up to June 2007.

Have fun!

SteveB  Nov 1st 2006 at 20:48
Apologies for my dreadful typing!!
morgan26  Nov 13th 2006 at 11:07
training is going well at the moment. Finishd having physio on an ankle injury about 10 days ago so ive managed to get some running in lately.

Any idea on how many hours is recommended to get up to speed? At the moment im getting in around 8.5h per week, last week was 23% running, 12% bike, 28% swim and 35% strength work.
SteveB  Nov 13th 2006 at 22:02
Good work with the ankle mending. I am coming off a knee injury so getting in plenty of swimming, 4-5 sessions a week, no runing at all yet, until my knee has had a few weeks of strengthening down the gym.
20 minutes a day on turbo trainer for bike. I\'m just trying to mainatin that base layer of fitness, hard to do when injured. But concentrating on swimming is good. Not sure though for swimming with ankle. Would suggest swim with a pullbouy and not use legs at all, is great for builing up swim technique and arm strength.
I\'ve been reading a book by Tom Holland, The 12-week triathlon. Reckons you can train for any distance tri in 12 weeks, obviously assuming you have a good level of fitness to start. I will take a lot longer, but at least knowing that if all goes wrong then I can get by on 12 weeks, bare minimum, just to get me round. But like you, I\'ll be wanting to do a reasonably decent time.
lycramassif  Nov 15th 2006 at 10:33

Interested to know what sort of swim training you guys are doing and wether you prefer early morning or evening to do this?
ps...where do you swim in Poole?
morgan26  Nov 17th 2006 at 19:03
Havent joined the local tri club yet so still swimmin on my own. Alternating between Distance and Speed sessions.

Distance tends to be in the region of :
3 x 1000m or 2 x 1500m

Speed tends to consist of a warm up of around 200m followed by sets of 100m sprints in a 2min window or 200m sprints in a 4 min window.

I find that PM swimming is better as i can get in a good hour of hard work, whereas goining in th AM before work is just a straight 1500m then off to the office.
SteveB  Nov 18th 2006 at 14:26
Don\'t get much of a choice of when to swim, facilities in this area are dreadful.

I swim Tue and Friday mornings, half hour before work in Wareham. I\'m a member at the leisure centre but pool only opens early twice a week at 7:15. And mon, wed, fri lunchtimes in Poole, at the Dolphin pool, trying to weave in and out of desperately slow people in the fast lane!! Although, that said I\'m hardly a speed demon, but why do paddlers insit on going in the fast lane and attendants will not move them out!
Lunchtimes I swim with a mate and we push each other over a mile. He\'s a much better swimmer, not tri, and it\'s good that I can just now after a couple of months keep pace. two mornings I just concentrate on drills and technique. When I get to January and feel more confident with my stroke I\'ll then break the sessions down more into proper workouts to build some speed. I\'m doing a mile in just over 30 minutes. Need to get that down to as near 25 minutes as possible within 6 months.
I also do a sea swim down at Swanage every Sunday, about 1km, although I tend to swim by time and not distance so much. Trying to get used to spending at least 30 minutes in open water. It\'s lovely to swim without having to turn and is very refreshing at this time of year!! ie. bloody cold!!
SteveB  Mar 14th 2007 at 21:53

Not checked in for a while. How\'s the training going?
I had a funny last 5 weeks, came off my bike and had surgery to rearrange my face, but back on it now, going good, unfortunately missed 3 races already, but have first race of season on 25th March, duathlon in the New Forest.
Should be ok for June 17th, provided I can stay upright on the bike!!
You got accommodation sorted yet? I\'m looking at booking the family into Butlins in Minehead. Not ideal but it\'s not too far away and at least cheap and cheerful and a bit better than a tent!!
I\'m keeping a record of my training on , more of a diary really, while I build my own training web application.
Feel free to have a read and leave a comment. Any training tips/advice would be great. Best of luck with the training, not long to go now!!

morgan26  Mar 15th 2007 at 19:47
Alls well so far.
Managed to get myself and the other half booked into Mill Barn in Wiveliscomb (last room they had for the Fri and Sat nights as theres a few other competitors staying there).

Have entered the following to get warmed up:
Llanelli Duathlon.
Llanelli Triathlon.
Will prob try and get into the Vale of Neath tri as well.

Now sorted for a wet suit (ex-hire from Tri-Uk) so just need to get some open water practice in!
Guest  Oct 26th 2007 at 22:51
Hi lads
this is going to be my first 70.3 so i am getting my base training in at the moment. just a quick question for morgan are the entries out for the Llanelli events yet if so where can i find them? i am hoping to do the same events as warm ups aswell
morgan26  Oct 27th 2007 at 13:06
jkf, keep an eye on the llanelli triathlon website:

just had a look and the calender for 2007 is still up, id expect all the races to be around the same dates as this year.
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