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Oziem  Feb 15th 2007 at 21:20
We've crossed a landmark number of users! Wow, I never thought that I would ever get this many people using my site! Thank-you to everyone involved in the site especially Andy, who is incidentally the new 220 coach of the year (well done mate).

I'm hoping that in the next few months to get the new version online, which has been helped by the fact that I submitted my PhD thesis today!

I hope you all are enjoying using the site and finding it beneficial to your training, but not too much for anyone in the 25-30 age group because I really want to qualify for GB this year ;)

Happy TriBlogging!
"Must tri harder"
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whelan  Apr 5th 2007 at 14:18
Thanks for this website! I think it\'s very well done.
lycramassif  Apr 9th 2007 at 20:39
Hi Dave thats fantastic news!

Good luck with the Phd!
SteveB  Apr 12th 2007 at 14:02
Get 220 Triathlon Mag to do a feature on the site, or at least a small article, get lots more users here. Now you are a \"face\" in there, should be easy!!
Brick  Apr 13th 2007 at 20:51

Fantastic work!!

You should definietly get some sort of mention in 220!!!

Well done!

SteveB  Apr 15th 2007 at 19:39

All the best for Tidworth next Sunday. I\'m taking part myself but I\'m in one of the earlier swim waves.

Oziem  Apr 15th 2007 at 23:14
You too mate! I\'m using it as a training session as I won\'t be running, just going to do the swim+bike.
"Must tri harder"
Oziem  Apr 22nd 2007 at 23:13
How did you do mate? I hoped I might recognize you at the race.
"Must tri harder"
SteveB  Apr 24th 2007 at 20:05
Hi Dave

Was it you on the turbo in the car park? I was gonna come over and say hello then my little boy decided to run off! He\'s only 2 and the missus was anxious to get off, we had an afternoon party to go to down in Poole!
How was your bike? I saw you put in a good time on the swim.
I was not on my game that day, not at all focussed and a bit tired. 52nd overall, but still enjoyed it nonetheless! Bike was ok, even on sore legs I got under 40 minutes, which will do me for now. But the run was tough. And I just didn\'t have any legs left!

I see Andy B did alright. I take it it was the same Andy Bullock from here that was racing?!

When\'s your next one, I\'ll look you out and say hello.


Oziem  Apr 26th 2007 at 08:16
Yeah that was me on the turbo, I think I did one of the fastest times on the bike, but I won\'t get an official timing because I dropped out. Yeah AndyB is Andy Bullock he did really well.

Did you find it odd riding through a \"war\" zone with tank crossings and shoting ranges!
"Must tri harder"
AndyB  Apr 26th 2007 at 17:05
Hi Steve

Yes it was me benefitting from four people above me being DQ\'ed.

Glad to hear ou enjoyed the race.

Blog: Yellow bikes are the fastest?! triblogs.com/blog/AndyB/ http://www.escoach.co.uk Twitter: www.twitter.com/andybtricoach
RichG  Apr 27th 2007 at 04:45
I did the wessex classic Bike race once and it goes all over the Bovington area and New Foresty bits that have large tanks flying around - very strange - there was a crash in the bunch at one stage when a huge tank roared over a verge about 10 meters away - someone got a bit twitchy and down went about 12 riders... Chaos!
SteveB  Apr 29th 2007 at 22:18
As I was coming back on the bike(out of militarised zone!) I did notice a fair bit of drafting going out, and not isolated to one or two, I went passed a group of 5 or 6, so I presume that was perhaps the DQs.
I just did Lymington tri today, really nice race, good weather, good atmosphere, fast but quite tight bike course in places, and the run was flatter than Tidworth!

A question for you all. the last 3 races I have noticed that my legs are tired for the first 15-20 minutes of the bike and I feel like getting off, but then they settle down and I\'m alright. I don\'t feel tired during the week, and I took turbo with me today and warmed up properly. However, same again. Any thoughts on if I\'m doing something wrong, or is this just a common case of getting out of the pool and adjusting to the bike?
It\'s affecting my bike times, because I know I can go a lot faster, but my legs just take ages to get going!
AndyB  May 1st 2007 at 17:37
Hi Steve

How often do you do swim/bike transition practise? Do you kick when you swim? I ask these questions because a lot of people practise bike to run transition but less practise T1. Your body needs to shunt the blood from the working part of your body, your arms to the new working muscles, your legs. If you kick less when swimming there may be less blood circulating around your legs and it may take longer to warm them up again (even if you have done a bike warm up to start with). This can be worse in colder open water. I always suggest triathletes develop some sort of kick just to keep the blood moving around their legs ready for when they stand up and run through T1 to the bike. Practise will also improve this.

Let me know if you already do T1 practise and kick when swimming and I will have a think about other reasons for this.

Hope this helps

Blog: Yellow bikes are the fastest?! triblogs.com/blog/AndyB/ http://www.escoach.co.uk Twitter: www.twitter.com/andybtricoach
SteveB  May 1st 2007 at 21:57
Hi Andy

Thanks for your reply. I don\'t have much of a kick. If I\'m doing a 400m pool swim I\'ll start kicking on the second 200m, trying to get my legs ready for the bike. But I do need to develop my kick technique. My wife watched me at Tidworth and said my legs were all over the place!!
I don\'t really practice swim to bike, there\'s not the facility to really do that down here. I am aware it\'s something I really do need to do.
The other thing that I was thinking is maybe if I go to hard to start with for the first 5 mins on the bike, while my heart rate is elevated. Is that likely to cause me to tire early on the bike? I don\'t use a h/r monitor on a race, maybe I should give it a try. I like to go on how I feel in a race rather than according to what my heart rate reading is. I suppose it\'s a bit of trial and error.
I\'ll certainly try some swim to bikes, now the sea is a bit warmer. Just have to get the missus to watch after my bike while I\'m in the water!
And I\'ll try kicking more this Sunday at Dorchester and see what happens.
RichG  May 7th 2007 at 10:50
Dunno if its relevant to anyone but me, but I always seem to go well from swim to bike (this is my cue to get cramp in the first 5 miles of my next race) ...and bike to run.

For the bike I tend to ease into it and try to hold back for a couple of miles before hitting the throttle (depending on race distance of course) then go hardest through the middle. (I should add that this plan is usually scuppered by the strange desire of most race organisers to send you up the biggest hill on the course within the first 5 minutes of the bike...) I try and wind down towards the end of the bike (5-10 mins or so) to give the run a chance.

For running I find hitting it hard straight off seems to work. If i blast out 1/2/3 mins at faster than normal race pace and then ease down it seems to help???

dunno if this helps any

I only usually tend to use an HRM in a race if its Half Ironman distance - mainly to stop me going too hard on the bike in a vain attemp to do the run fast
SteveB  May 7th 2007 at 20:35
Hi RichG

Well, I did much your race tactics yesterday!! I generally paced myself better throughout the race, albeit a short one. But what did help is I was running for about 150 yards from swim to actually mounting the bike, thereby getting more blood flow to the legs, and the course was such that it was impossible to really go hard for the first couple of minutes on the bike, so it eased me more into it. And then again the nature of the end of the bike forced me to slow down and I was quick through T2 and really pushed hard off the bike onto the first half mile of the run. And generally this seemed to work much better.
It did also help that I was much more relaxed on the swim, had a more relaxing week( as I was full of cold and forced to take it easy!), and went into the race feeling refreshed. I\'m finding out that there are so many factors that contribute to race day performance, and maybe it\'s the hope that one day it will all come together and I\'ll run the perfect race for me that keeps me going!!
RichG  May 8th 2007 at 00:17
I\'m with you on that - still hoping myself!!
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