Weight / BMI trend graphs?

eaylcr  May 31st 2006 at 08:12
Unsure if this is a request for a feature, or just that I havn\'t found it yet, but would it be possible to provide some graphics / summaries relating to items on the day menu, i.e. weight, BMI?

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Oziem  Jun 1st 2006 at 22:34
yes that should be possible what kind of stats would you like to see?
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eaylcr  Jun 5th 2006 at 13:55
To be honest, all I was thinking about were simple graphs of weight vs time & bmi vs time.
Although perhaps with a smothed line rather than joining all points.

eaylcr  Jun 6th 2006 at 10:45
Oh yes, and the resting / standing heart rate vs time.

Just so I can see if any of this training is working :)
Oziem  Jun 19th 2006 at 22:49
a tempory weight graph can be accessed by going to the week view and clicking on the \"weight\" label.
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jhkrug  Jun 20th 2006 at 12:11
Just found the weight graph as well. Cool.

eaylcr  Jun 20th 2006 at 21:39
Thanks, thats the sort of thing I was thinking of, pitty its not going down as fast as I hoped :)
However, minor point, it only works under IE for me. Using Opera I don\'t see anything.


Oziem  Jun 22nd 2006 at 09:25
I haven\'t tested anything in opera, will have to look into that
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RichG  Jul 4th 2006 at 12:48
As for my last post - how are you measuring BMI?
eaylcr  Jul 5th 2006 at 18:06
Cheapo set of scales from Argos from a couple of years back.
I tried the handheld one but it varied by over 5% in readings taken minutes apart.
With the scales it is a bit more consistent, maybe not accurate, but I only care about the trend :)
RichG  Jul 7th 2006 at 12:23
I\'m confused now, I know I\'m a little backward in these things but my scales are not particularly cheap but they only measure weight.... certainly not BMI.... am I missing something?
Oziem  Jul 7th 2006 at 12:45
AndyB  Jul 7th 2006 at 15:57

BMI can also be calculated using the following equation;

BMI = weight (kg)/[height(m) x height (m)]

Dave, can you set up an equation to work this out or have you done this already?

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eaylcr  Jul 10th 2006 at 09:23
Well, I got them a while ago so may not be remembering the price correctly, they definitly look & feel cheap tho :)

Back on the subject of the graphs, is it possible to make it a best fit type of line rather than straight line please?
Just noticed that a sudden increase in weight this weekend has changed the graph from an overall downward to quite severe upward slope!
jdexheimer  Jul 13th 2006 at 18:39
I love the weight and bodyfat graphs. I think they\'re fanstastic.
RichG  Jul 14th 2006 at 15:18
I don\'t like them... or more accurately I just don\'t like mine. Is there a way to invert them so that they go down rather than up?
Oziem  Jul 14th 2006 at 15:53
Yeah, try doing a handstand ;)
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munch  Oct 10th 2006 at 03:19
Really cool sight...thanks for putting in the hard work.

It would be cool if you could do a plot of the moving average of a persons weight (say over the previous 30 days or ideally an exponentially weighted moving average as described in the hackers diet ( http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/www/hackdiet.html)).

If you need anymore info (I could probably even code it if neccessary) drop me a line.


Oziem  Oct 10th 2006 at 08:46
Yes I will look at this soon :D

I\'m getting near to finishing my phd now so will be able to start implementing all the suggestions soon!
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RattleHunter  Oct 1st 2008 at 22:02

I have had nearly a year off from TriBlogs - REALLY like the new site. Great Job.

As you might guess after a break weight is kinda important for me and I can't seem to get the temp weight graph that is mentioned earlier in this thread - is it still working?

Thanks in advance

Oziem  Oct 1st 2008 at 22:10

not implemented weight charts yet, you will have to login to the old site to see that in the meantime.

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theeel  Oct 14th 2008 at 18:37

I too would like to see the weight chart back on the new site.

ta V Muchly

the eel
The eel
Oziem  Jan 19th 2009 at 14:46
You should now be able to plot your weight on a graph in the charts section.
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