Well done Dave

SteveB  Apr 4th 2007 at 21:29
Well done on your appearance in 220 Triathlon mag!!
Now we all know what you look like without the swim hat!!

Keep up the good work.
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Oziem  Apr 4th 2007 at 22:46
haha, thanks mate, I didnt think anyone would notice ;)

its all down to andy b and his great coaching :D
"Must tri harder"
RichG  Apr 5th 2007 at 02:08
What\'s going on?

Share the knowledge - you can\'t get 220 over here in China

In fact you can\'t seem to get any triathlon magazines - the general consensus appears to be...

Swimming is a pleasant past time in pools, but is only done outdoors in lakes by idiots and uneducated people (fair enough judging by the water average open water quality)

Cycling is a form of transport and typically only carried out if - a) you are going somewhere to get money (i.e. work or to sell something), b) you are transporting something (usually unfeasibly heavy or large, such as 3x30Litre water bottles, a fridge, or - and I kid you not I have seen this - 5 wardrobes) across town. To do it for recreation is slightly curious.

Running - well \"jogging\" (something a kin to the shape of running but never in any way faster than walking pace) is accepted in parks as a normal leisure pursuit, as is ballroom dancing, tai chi, swinging swords around, fan dancing, playing musical instruments very badly, walking backwards for long distances, hanging out of trees, singing, and taking your bird (the feathered variety) for a walk. Running however is seen as very strange behaviour indeed

To put all three together is very strange behaviour and the mere suggestion normally results in a pleasant smile from the enquirer and a fast exit, usually ushering any children or loved ones away from you very quickly....

Of course I exaggerate a little, but what was the point? oh yeah - Dave\'s appearance in 220?? what\'s going on?
Oziem  Apr 5th 2007 at 09:54
lol! It\'s not for any achievement, was just Andy wrote an article on group riding and I\'m one of the \'profiled\' riders. Quite a few photos of us, embarassing really.
"Must tri harder"
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