SteveB  May 31st 2007 at 20:22
Ok, show yourselves people, who\'s in on 17th June?!?!?!?!

Still 2 weeks to go and the nightmares have started already! Keep dreaming that my drinks go walkabout in transition!!
26 replies
morgan26  May 31st 2007 at 21:47
Ill be there, feeling reasonably good at the mo.

3.5h brick (at race pace) last weekend boosted confidence.

Snagged wet-suit on monday tho............. time to get the glue out!

Anyone prepared to guess a finish time?
SteveB  Jun 1st 2007 at 09:20
Arrghh, sorry to hear about the wetsuit. I dipped my toe in the water last week, and I must say the sea has definitely warmed up a bit.
I\'m doing my last hard weekend before two weeks of tapering. Got a 10k road race on Sunday, but I\'ll sea swim a mile and bike for 60k beforehand, and try and get to the startline on time!!

Well, I\'ll be brave and say 5 hr 30 mins. But it\'s my first time at this distance and I know the course is a bit of a pig. So my main goal is just to finish. Anywhere near that time is a bonus!

Nutrition is my main concern, just getting it right. Do not want to be flagging on the run after the first lap! And I don;t do Gatorade, their drink of choice on the aid stations. Bluurrrghhhh!!!
morgan26  Jun 1st 2007 at 16:06
5.30, quick then!

Hoping for sub 6.30 but to finish is the biggest aim (as like you its my 1st time at this distance). but judging by the way things have been going, could be on for 6.00 baring any mis-haps.

The cours isnt that bad, went for a ride bout 2months ago, yes the hills on the last 10K of each lap are steep, but theyre quite short ans theres enough ground in between each 1 to get you legs back.

The 1st 35k of each lap is fairly fast with nothing major to worry about (apart from shitty road surface in places).
SteveB  Jun 4th 2007 at 21:25
After yesterday\'s 10k race down in Poole, I\'m putting my target time at 7 hours!!! God I was awful! My legs didn\'t turn up, after I had a great sea swim and long bike. oh well, hopefully 2 weeks off will see me right!
Yes, I spoke to James Gilfillan, a bit of a name in the world of triathlon, he works in my offices, and he rode 3 laps of the course on Saturday and said it wasn\'t as bad as people make it out to be but he did say the road surfaces in places were not so good. Then he went and ran 33\' 20\" for 10k yesterday!! He\'s looking at a top 10 finish!
Like you main goal is to finish. Based on my bike and working out worst times for the rest I can do 5:30, but that\'s only because I have a very strong bike. I really came into triathlon from riding in the first place. My running is plod along and just keep going and my swim is steady enough.
I\'ve worked out this season so far that if you can get a good time on the bike, it can get you up there with the faster triathletes. A lot of people say it\'s the run that\'s most important, but I think that really only applies at elite level and in draft legal races, because if you can\'t run fast in them, you\'ve had it!!
But all in all, very excited about just doing Wimbleball, and really looking forward to just enjoying the course and the atmosphere.
How\'s the tapering starting out? You got any urges to get out and put extra miles in?
I\'m just too tired to do anything at the moment, and am having a couple days rest.
morgan26  Jun 5th 2007 at 11:00
not got the urge to panic train as such just finding it hard to step the volume down after working hard for the last few months.

Agree with what you said about the bike, at our level a strong bike is the key to a good time (as long as your proficient in the other 2 legs as well).

Where are you staying? myself and the other half have got a B&B in Wievlescombe???? from friday.

What time are you looking at for the bike? Id be happy with sub 3.15
SteveB  Jun 5th 2007 at 12:04
Got the family and me booked into Minehead Butlins!! Not all that delighted about it, as it\'s a 70s weekender there, and might be a bit noisy on the Saturday night. But it\'s all I could find, everything else was booked up.

Bike wise I\'m looking at 2hr 50. But I will settle for anything under 3 hours at this stage. I just hope my legs are recovered in time, they\'ve taken a huge beating the last 2 weeks, and I\'ve been fighting with a niggly cold for 3 weeks, which has gone but left me with an annoying cough!
The run is all about hanging in there. 1hr 40 is my goal time, but I\'ll settle for 1:50, again, just depends how the legs are doing!

How are you with Gatorade? It doesn\'t really agree with me, so I\'m a bit disappointed with it being the drink of choice for the aid stations. I did a TriUK organised event a couple of weeks back in Stratford, and they supplied all the drinks, Gatorade again, and as they are sponsoring IM UK then stands to reason it\'s Gatorade. So I\'ll be weighed down with my own stuff on the bike!
Bad enough getting me and the bike up them hills, don\'t need extra weight of drinks bottles!!
RichG  Jun 5th 2007 at 13:59
Steve - I can recommend an inexpensive lightweight piece of kit that might help you.... earplugs! seriously I\'ve used them before a few tri\'s when I\'ve been out camping and they block the noise out well - although its worth having a trial night or two because they can require a bit of getting used to. The reason for this is that I fear the noise factor at Butlins...

Its obviously good to be strong on the bike (nice to be strong on all three) A tactic I\'ve found good in HM distance is to take the first hour of the bike steady (not slow but \"solid\") Then go pretty hard during the second hour, and then gradually start to ease off on the remaining time., so that you (can try to) feel fresh on the run. Also what about forgetting about time and just doing the race? On my first HM I forgot my watch and my bike computer got so wet it stopped working after about 20 miles, so I never knew how I was doing for time and stopped worryig about it. I eventually came in over 45minutes faster than my target time - great!! Maybe ditching all timing devices is a little extreme - although not getting too hung up on timing is a good thing at this distance - what happens if you go well over, but are actually still racing well because its a tough course. You can finish with a sub 5 hour time and get a top 400 finish and in the next race you can go 20 mins slower and be in the top 100.

As for Gatorade... does anyone get on with it? its a shame that organisors go for the drinks suppliers with the biggest marketing budgets and not the ones that the athetes actually like and use regularly, but I guess it pays towards the events...

SteveB  Jun 5th 2007 at 18:39

I like the idea of earplugs, I\'ve got some fitted ones. I\'ve never used them for sleeping but I\'ll give em a try!
I never race with a bike computer. The only thing I have is an old trusty Casio watch my missus bought for 15 quid! I set it off when I start and generally I usually forget to stop it until 10 minutes after the race!!
It\'s always a nice surprise to see how you got on after a race, and look at the splits. This time my first goal is to finish, and if I do that after the year I\'ve had then I\'ll be delighted!! I have secondary goals but they\'re a bonus and to be honest at this stage I\'m not majorly concerned. We all want to do well for ourselves but I know I\'ve not done the distance before so I\'m realistic as well as optimistic.

To be fair to TriUK they do put on a good event and I\'m sure Wimbleball will be a huge success. But Gatorade. I really don\'t know why we can\'t go British and use SIS products. But then again, sponsorship deals, marketing and all that.

12 days to go, and I\'m trying to get as much sleep as possible at the moment. Just got in from work and have cat-napped for half hour, with a pair of Skins compression leggings on!! No wonder the missus thinks I\'m nuts!!
DAVESKY  Jun 12th 2007 at 16:55
This is my first 1/2 IM so would be looking for 7hr30, I\'ve been off for 6 weeks due to a hamstring strain so going to give it a go..
SteveB  Jun 13th 2007 at 17:55

Sorry to hear about hamstring. Hope you get over it soon. All the best for Sunday\'s race. Let\'s hope this cooler weather stays with us.
Chig  Jun 14th 2007 at 12:22
Good luck guys - hope the weather dries up, but without the heat of last weekend.
Couldn\'t agree more about your Gatorade comments - its the same with Powerbar at the full distance. I know SIS are up for it, despite the expense, and lests face it, most UK triatheletes wander around pre-race with an SIS bottle.
We should back local British companies against the American giants every time, but money does talk unfortunately.
I\'ve not had stomach problems personally with Gatorade, but if you do, why not just stick to water and gels. For 1/2 IM distance you should easily be able to carry enough gels, particularly if you put a couple of bottles of something drinkable on your bike to intersperse with and just take water to wash down the gels at aid stations.
Has anyone tried the new GO caffiene gels yet? They look a bit pricey to me, but I\'m assured they\'re the dogs bollocks for the run!
RichG  Jun 14th 2007 at 15:09
SIS are definitely the boys to back. Haven\'t tried the caffeine but I\'d believe it.

Unfortunately I now live in China and the best energy supplement I can get is dried figs.... well there is the turtle blood and sheeps gonad option, but so far I\'ve been stearing clear...*

*(just in case you think I\'m joking, I\'m not... and... there\'s worse out there!!!)
morgan26  Jun 14th 2007 at 16:43
Which wave are you in? in 25-29 green hats i think.
If you see me on the bike course (blue QR Kilo and blue and white top and shorts), then give me a quick hello.

Travelling down tom mornin.

If i dont post again then good luck.
SteveB  Jun 14th 2007 at 21:28
Hey guys

Yep, gels a plenty for me and water, and SIS electrolyte drink. Also I do like the Power Bars for something a bit solid to break up all the goo! Also I discovered Red Bull for the first time 3 weeks ago, and it really powered me home on a training ride one evening. So I will be having one of those as I start the run, just to give me a pick me up.

I believe all the delights of eating in the East! My wife spent a bit of time out in China and she was none too impressed with their diet!

Morgan26, I\'m travelling down tomorrow morning to register and then I don\'t think I\'ll be back on site til Sunday morning( apart from race briefing on sat), it all will be a bit busy and manic I think so I\'m trying to not get caught up in all the hullabaloo! I do quite fancy a practice swim though, but I think I\'m just going to find a pool in Minehead and have a gentle float!
I don\'t know about the waves etc, I have had no info through from the race. I take it it\'s on the website?
As for me, I\'m in 35-39s, Orca 226 tri top and shorts, white and blue, black Scott S30 road bike with drops, and Easton tempest carbon wheels. I presume the swim waves are in age group?
If I don\'t see you all the best for the race, have a great time out on the course and enjoy it. Best of luck.
RichG  Jun 15th 2007 at 00:22
Enjoy guys - I\'m sure you\'ll love it
Oziem  Jun 17th 2007 at 22:23
how did it go guys?
"Must tri harder"
morgan26  Jun 18th 2007 at 10:24
Went well thanks Dave, was expecting the bike to be tough, wasnt expecting the sun course to be so saveage tho, a few more ups and downs that id anticipated:

race no : 826
o/all pos : 425, gender pos : 379, cat pos : 79
Swim : 34.15 (300)
T1 : 11.31 (866) ...... always slow in T1!
Bike Ride Out : 16.18 (326)
Bike lap 1 : 1.26.45 (273)
Bike Lap 2 : 1.43.50 (383)
T2 : 2.54 (602)
Run lap 1 : 35.23 (463)
Run lap 2 : 41.51 (514)
Run lap 3 : 45.38 (568)
Run to Fin : 7.42 (455)
Total : 6.26.04

A good experience and decent performance for my 1st go at this distance, pleanty of work to do before next year tho, was secretly hoping to get closer (if not under) 6h.
RichG  Jun 19th 2007 at 00:34
Nice work! from your time and position it looks like it might have been a slow or tough course? but now that you\'ve got one under your belt you can start bringing the times down.

Looks like you suffered a little on the second half of the bike.

By the way did you forget to eat breakfast? (and decided to have it in T1?)... sorry... couldn\'t resist...
morgan26  Jun 19th 2007 at 18:58
yeah, made a bit of a mess of T1, but felt it was better to take my time and make sure i didnt forget anything!

The course was really tough, and has been marked as the hardest 70.3 in the world.
I didnt feel too bad on the bike, but my legs gave in on the start of the 2nd run lap. Gave it my all but i suppose well always feel that we could have done better (unless we win!)

so, what to do next year? full IM or 2/3 more 70.3s?
SteveB  Jun 19th 2007 at 19:24
Well done mr morgan26, great result, and great to finish what must be the toughest event I\'ve ever done.
For my race it all went wrong on the swim! I went awol! And must have swum a further 500m. Totally lost my bearings in my search for clear water and thought I\'d go for a sightseeing tour of the lake. Having got out of the water with 39 minutes on my watch I more or less gave up with thoughts of any goal time and took it easy, and just enjoyed the experience. Possibly the worst bike ride I have done, I just never pushed myself and didn\'t feel out of breath. Until the run! I thought I\'ll take it easy on the first run lap and then push after that. My legs never got to the push bit and I just capitulated thereafter!
I was like the bloke who wobbles over the line at the London marathon with everyone willing him over the line, bad cramp with 100m to go!
Totally satisfying and will do it again next year without a doubt, and not be lazy! I was too relaxed before the race and did not feel \'up for it\'. That said it was without a doubt a fantastic experience, incredibly well organised event and amazing to be involved in the whole thing. Going to get some tips off James Gilfillan who finished 2nd. This guy is totally amazing. He works full time in my offices, doesn\'t train a massive amount during the week and beat some of the UK\'s top pros. Hats off to him, he deserves a big feature in 220 Triathlon. I\'m sure Dave probably knows him, I think he hails from your part of the world.

As for stats, here goes:
Gender pos: 344
Overall pos: 382
M35-39 pos: 86
Swim: 00:39:57 654
T1: 00:06:11 336
Bike out 00:15:22 173
Bike lap 1: 01:25:32 223
Bike lap 2: 01:36:26 176
T2: 00:02:34 515
Run lap 1: 00:35:44 488
Run lap 2: 00:42:01 522
Run lap 3: 00:47:01 623
Run in: 00:08:55 705
Total time: 06:19:40

So you see, run was a disaster, but I ran round all the time with a smile on my face, and enjoyed every minute of it!
Bring on next year!
But I am going to ride the bike course again in 2 weeks, just because I know I could have done so much better!
Got Bournemouth Olympic tri on 8th July, and I am determined to do better!
Morgan26, you up for it again next year?!?!
DAVESKY  Jun 25th 2007 at 12:54
Hi Guys , Glad you all made it !! Not enough Hills on the bike for my liking !! (Yeah Rght)

Was a Great Event and may have the bug to do another one that big.

Swim 44.51
T1 7.37
BIKE 4.04.28
T2 2.35
RUN - 2.17.30
TOTAL - 7.16.58

morgan26  Jun 26th 2007 at 12:29
Nice one Dave, back next year for some more?

My target for \'08 ................. 5.45 (not going to be easy!!!!).
SteveB  Jun 28th 2007 at 14:13
Well Done Dave!!!

I\'ve no target yet for next year, I\'m still trying to reconcile enjoying finishing this year\'s race and the disappointment of having a bad race, not going according to plan.
Have learned a lot from my first time a this distance and will take loads away and know what to do better next time. The right bike would help and improving my swim navigation!! Also getting nutrition right to be able to have the legs late on in the run. Not losing focus on the bike, not dawdling in transition.
I think with me it was more the mental side of things, and I just lost focus after 10 minutes of swimming and couldn\'t get back on it. Big example was chatting to a bloke in the crowd whilst I was climbing one of the hills!! Not really what you want to be doing in a race!!
But all those things aside it was damned good fun and ultimately we\'re all nuts and that\'s why we all love this sport!
DAVESKY  Oct 16th 2007 at 12:19
If you didn't already know this is on tv this weekend.

Sunday Morning 21st 8.30am


see if you can see yourself !!
SteveB  Oct 18th 2007 at 13:57
Excellent, will be glued to the TV!
I rid myself of my Wimbleball demons at last and did the New Forest Middle Distance and finished in 5 hr 34', knocked over 45 minutes off Wimbleball. And it was a tough old course too.
Already signed up for 2008 HIUK, with a view to giving it some stick!
morgan26  Oct 21st 2007 at 20:20
ill see you there, ive entered again too!

must go sub 6hr next year!
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