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TriBlogs is the ultimate coaching tool. It has all the functionality a coach needs to plan for and stay connected with their athletes and is superb value for money.
AndyB , TriBlogs May 9th 2013
I have been using TriBlogs for over a year now and its like a religion! Every morning, lunch and evening there is something to fill out and analyse. My days are planned around my training I literally couldn't live without it!
kjs30 , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Great easy use facility, perfectly set up for me to write sessions for my athletes as well. Good community element as well. Thanks!
woodsey96 , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Love reading the blogs, just wish I had a little more motivation !
tallguy76 , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
TriBlogs is a really handy tool for keeping track of progress anywhere where you can get online. I've used it to compare training sessions from a few years ago to where I am now which is great (as long as I've improved!)
marcusm , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
I find myself using TriBlogs every day. It motivates me to plan out my training and features such as groups allow me to share with my friends.
twiggy , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Love Triblogs, great and useful resource for analysing data and nit picking my performances as I am a bit OCD with that sort of thing!!
TriPencil , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
I should use the TriBlogs service more, just made a late new years resolution to do so.
ccrider66 , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Excellent site thank you
haywardsl , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
TriBlogs is fantastic. It is a great way of recording all that I do and planning what I need to do in the future.
Jamieevans , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
I started using TriBlogs to save me recording my workouts on bits of paper - 2 years later - technology with my Garmin finally (almost) mastered - I'm a devoted user - it's like having a personal coach!
Trihardmum , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Love TriBlogs, it has everything I need to keep me training
cbuc , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
TriBlogs is an absolute must have training tool. I used the data extensively from the previous year to help compile my training plan for the Outlaw Triathlon.
shawnyg , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Great site and a really simple and effective way to track progress throughout the season.
ianbrom , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
TriBlogs is great for keeping track of my training
adelleisaacs , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Always use TriBlogs to log my training. Its great to see how I've spent my training week and when I've been slacking off!
craig1088 , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Helping to plan to succeed
DragonRunner , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
I like the wellness monitor, if anything it makes me reflect on how I am feeling.
andysteel , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
TriBlogs is a great resource for logging all your training and having one consolidated view on any machine with access to the Internet
GThing , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
Love the site, it's really helping with planning.
mojomolono , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2013
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