Create a week template

There are 2 ways to create a new week template. You can either create a blank template and then insert sessions, or you can copy the sessions from a athletes calendar into a new template;

  • To create a blank template;
    • With a athlete selected go to their plan section
    • Then move your cursor over
    • Then click
        New week template
    • Name the template.
    • Click .
    • Left click on the new template in your templates list.
    • Click on insert a new session to insert sessions.

Alternatively, you can generate a template from sessions you have already planned for the athlete;

  • Go to an athletes plan.
  • Open the month view.
  • Right-click on the white area below the week to be copied, or left-click on the show menu icon
  • Select create template.
  • A new template will be created called 'generated template'. We recommend that you edit this name to be more relevant.
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Page last updated: Apr 6th 2011 11:06