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In 2008 I started cycling after having been a tennis player and ball sports addict all my life. At the end of 2009 I won the national hill climb championships and 3 seasons later I moved to ride for a professional road racing team. I had a year of riding the biggest road races all over Europe - my favourite of all being Fleche Wallone. I also won races - my favourite win was Fleche Wanzoise in Belgium at the start of 2011. Overall I had a great time road racing. In 2012, however, I fell pretty deep. After a decent winter of training I got glandular fever in February and the year of sports activities was over for me. My body just didn't recover for months. I also had a really hard time in my personal life - the hardest I ever had. But one good thing happened, too. I discovered triathlon! I already started running at the end of 2011 and during the summer of 2012 while I was ill with glandular fever I started a bit of swimming. At the end of the season I did a few races, just to try out the competitive side of the sport and because I truly love racing - I won 3 out of my first 4 sprint triathlons. For 2013 I'm targeting Olympic distance racing. Triathlon fits me perfectly, because I can do 3 sports and I love sports! I love the lifestyle of doing sports every day. It keeps me sane, even through tough times.
2013 is going to be my year ;-) So watch this space!
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