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Al Mondz Triathlon
My name is Al Mondz. I am a triathalete living in Hampshire UK. The aim of my blog is to detail the training/racing/equipment/nutrition and sports supplements I use to help other endurance atheletes get the most from themselves. Like wise I hope to learn from others too. If you have any questions or advice for me then leave us a msg.

Swnage Classic Triathlon

AMRacingby AMRacingAug 15th 2010
Today I raced my first triathlon. It was the Swanage Classic, an Olympic distance race, 1.5/40/10. My time was 02:26:27. My splits were:

Swim: 00:28:32
Bike: 01:11:21
Run: 00:43:39

Overall Im very happy with my race. I set myself a target of 02:30:00, which I acheived, plus I came 4th in my age group only missing out on 3rd by 1 second. Things for me to work on now are getting my swim time down and not lossing focus in the second half of the swim. A faster T2, and running stronger/faster off the bike.

Just waiting for the race photos to be made available and then I will post them.
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