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Christopher Hole

25% Gradient stops Riders in their Track!

Christopherholeby ChristopherholeFeb 28th 2010

Hi Tribloggers

Well i've entered my first event of the season, Cheshire Cat Sportive and read all the hype. Has anyone ridden this sportive before? Is the Mow Cop as bad as they say? I've heard it's short climb and only steep in a short section.

Here's what they have to say about the climbs;

On the 102 miles Mow Cop literally stops some riders in their tracks. Partly for this reason it's a popular place for spectators with the aptly named Cheshire View pub alongside the steepest 1 in 4 part of the climb. After Mow Cop and the inevitable descent, riders enter the Staffordshire Moorlands, Wincle, Macclesfield Forest, Nab End and cobbled Swiss Hill - the last major climb in the 2009 Cheshire Cat. Not especially steep but riders might find themselves walking if using ordinary climbing techniques. So what's the trick the continental pros use for staying on yer bike then? 'Snatchy' sandstone cobbles give less grip so stay sat-down and keep hands wide on the bars. Look ahead and ride where the car tyres will have been.
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