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Christopher Hole

Have you got what it takes?

Christopherholeby ChristopherholeJan 4th 2010
At a time when training gets put to the way side and Christmas and new years take over, I didn¬'t want all my hard work from the previous months to go to waste for 2 weeks over indulgence.

As a Personal Trainer I know all to well how fast our body can lose strength or fitness as I have seen it in myself after Lands End to John O¬'Groats and in my clients when they have missed a weeks training for whatever reason.

So I escaped to Spain to avoid the madness of the festive period and that brought a new challenge, without my bike how would keep my strength? If you have read my last post you would found out how it went.

So did I maintain my strength? Well, yes is the answer to the question and training can continue on for the new season.

The first challenge has been set to cycle from Lisbon to Bristol its roughly 1400 miles and will dissect through the countryside of Portugal and Spain, before crossing the incredible Pyrenees, following the West coast of France north, then catching a ferry from Cherbourg and onto England for the final stretch back to Bristol.

I was planning to do this on my own but couldn¬'t think of anything better than sharing the experience of cycling through Europe with like minded individuals.

Who out there is would love to be apart of this epic adventure by bicycle? The highs and lows of being on the open road, the amazing scenery and the camaraderie of being apart of a team that achieves such an epic ride.

If you or someone you know would love to apart of this adventure and probably a once in a lifetime bike ride please let me know by leaving a reply to this post and I can then pass on more details.

Thanks for reading, keep up the training and let the 2010 season be the best yet.
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