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Pyrenees Crosstrainer
Pyrenees Crosstrainer
No shortage of training opportunities here in the Hautes Pyrenees. Now I have plenty of time to train I wonder how I competed and trained for all the triathlons from 1986 onwards with a job to do as well.
So I must focus on what works best and race as and when I can.

Building & Conditioning

Crosstrainerby CrosstrainerNov 28th 2009
Building & Conditioning
Picture: Summer Memories

W47 Total: 8h:20m
Bike 5h:15m 124.5km (63%) Run 2h:35m 30km (31%) Weights 30m (6%)
W48 Total: 11h:08m
Swim 25m 1km (4%) Bike 7h 165km (63%) Run 3h:13m 39km (29%) Weights 30m (4%)

Two good weeks start to my conditioning phase with both long bikes(72k) and long runs (20k) increased carefully while consolidating the overall training.
Train, progress, adapt and conditioning.

Weather permitting I hope to maintain this phase as long as possible but may have to substitute some biking. I would hope to keep my one long ride each week. Substitution with XC skiing will begin when more snow falls. At present all the cols are open except the Giant of the Pyrenees, the Col du Tourmalet.
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