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Pyrenees Crosstrainer
Pyrenees Crosstrainer
No shortage of training opportunities here in the Hautes Pyrenees. Now I have plenty of time to train I wonder how I competed and trained for all the triathlons from 1986 onwards with a job to do as well.
So I must focus on what works best and race as and when I can.

Race Report Marxa Beret 21k

Crosstrainerby CrosstrainerFeb 7th 2010
Race Report Marxa Beret 21k
Well I had an interesting day in Spain at Baqueira Beret ski resort.I made an early start with breakfast at 6.45am. On the road at 7.15, into Spain at 8am and all going well. Then there was rain and very low cloud that turned to snow as I climbed to the resort. Tricky driving and very cold. What to wear and where do I get my number? I had entered on the internet but registration was either Friday or Saturday.

So I found my number but did not know there was a timing chip in the bag. I found this out at the finish when I was asked for the chip back. Not to worry as I had my finish time at 2hours 32 mins, 157th out of 250. Pleased with that as a novice.

I had been estimating 2-10 and hoping for 2hours however the second half was very tough conditions with little flat work only ups and downs. My technique and lesser equipment meant though I worked hard on the ups, overtaking bodies, I got taken by them on the downs as they glided past me.

Quite a day though and a very big event, the 31st year it has been run, and the weather changed to beautiful blue skies and sunshine.
See the start here.

"If you keep moving forward, no matter how slowly, you will get somewhere, hopefully to the finish"

Week Feb 1st-7th
W05 Total: 8h:04m

Swim 20m 1km (4%) Run 3h:2m 32km (56%) XC ski 4h:02m 36km (31%)Weights 40m (8%)
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