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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

1st Olympic this season

DaveMilneby DaveMilneJun 6th 2011
1st Olympic this season
This week I had my 1st Olympic of the year and I was looking forward to it, well until now, I¬'ve been missing sessions all week due to work, marshalling at a duathlon and having a sore tummy that involved many trips to the toilet! I stood on the scales Saturday morning... 6 pounds lost since Monday!!! Not good I¬'m thinking! Should I make a call and not head down to Athy to race or will I just suck it up and go! Race won the toss! Now the next thing was to fill up with food before the trip down and run the risk of a pit stop at the side of the road! Risk it I¬'m thinking! Bowl of porridge and a bagel and a litre of water for the trip... felt good on the way down, we met up with others from the club before registration and we all signed in and head to the shop for some fruit and coffee (not for me) ! Back to the van for some of Barbie¬'s homemade doorstep sambos! (where does this woman¬'s talents end) we all got Lycrad up and disaster strikes Rob, his zip broke on his tri-suit and didn¬'t have a spare one, Paul brod had a spare one but it was kind of like arnie and Danny in that film "twins", but Rob being the stubborn Welsh man squeeeeeezed into the suit! It was see through!!! Christ thank god he was in a different wave than me! Down to transition we head and space was at a premium! So much for trying to get everyone racked together! I found a spot for my bike near the swim exit, similar place as last year so I was happy enough. Race brief over and we head to the start; I was in wave 3 so I didn¬'t have much waiting around, thank god! I hate the waiting around lark but it¬'s always good to watch the 1st waves head off! In the water I went and had a pre-race pee to warm the water and it wasn¬'t long before the race started, I made a poxy positioning mistake by starting near the centre of the river where most of the current is instead of the edge where the current is not as strong, doh¬... what can you do. The swim was ok but I had hoped of doing a 27ish minute swim but the Garmin had other ideas¬... 30 mins heading up the exit ramp, balls not a good start! Into T1 wetsuit off very easy because it¬'s too big for me and helmet on and away I went, not a bad T1 I¬'m thinking, the bike course has changed this year with it being a 1 x 40k loop instead of 2 x 20k loops, I started to pass people from the get go so I was very happy with that, but I also got passed by the speed freaks, they were cycling like they were on a Sunday spin!!!! The bike course is flat for most of it but there was some drags that I needed to pop my big arse off the saddle to get the legs pumping, I had 4 of the fingal girls ahead of me and I was hoping (more like dreaming) of catching them all on the bike but that wasn¬'t gonna happen, the last 10k I had planned to go balls out back to the finished but there poxy headwind that was slowing me down no end, it wasn¬'t till about 6k from the end that I caught Suzanne from the club, quick grunt and I was passed heading towards T2 where I seen Siobhan, Barbie and Mary already out on the run, catch them!!! Not a fooking chance! Bike racked helmet off running on and away, I took off fast but this wasn¬'t gonna last and boy was I right, less than a km down the road and my pace was dropping fast, the sun was shining and I was starting to feel like shit! People passing me left, right and centre and I¬'m thinking nothing else can happen¬.... Boom, I fall over!!! I went over on my ankle and ended up head over heels lying on the ground! A tad bit dazed I¬'m up to my feet and a guy runs passed saying ¬"at least it was a soft landing¬", in my mind I wanted to drown him in the river! Back running again and I was just wished that the turnaround point was near but every bend at the river bank would reveal another long straight with 100¬'s of people like a train heading in the same direction! I got to the turnaround point and Paul B passed me with some words of encouragement, he started 10mins after me!! The route back after the turnaround was boring with the odd high five with club mates; it wasn¬'t till I could hear the MC that I knew I was getting near the finish! Cross the line and I was truly wreaked. Between the sun, the run and my tummy I don¬'t it was one of my best races! For the second year in a row, Triathy has beaten me.. First year my rear spoke broke causing me to limp home the last 5k on the bike and this year I had Tum/run/sun syndrome! Ah well there is always next year! Should I have backed out of the race?? Not a chance! Next year I think it will have to be the Triathy double Olympic! War wounds from Saturday? Yep two lovely big blisters on the arches of my feet! Nice.... back to Jeremy¬'s van for more of Barbie¬'s sambos and some post race Jaffa cakes! Bit of a relax and exchanging war stories. That evening I went to a BBQ and had some well deserved beers!
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