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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

2nd Duathlon in as many weeks! I hate this run-cycle-run lark

DaveMilneby DaveMilneMar 23rd 2011
2nd Duathlon in as many weeks! I hate this run-cycle-run lark
I know i missed last weeks blog but hey what can you done, quick rundown from last weeks is
Monday: speed session in Lusk( we got pulled by the Garda for speeding*)
*speeding more like cycling 2 abreast
Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: Swim with a slow run with the club in the evening
Thursday: Swim Long session with paddles,kick board etc etc
Friday: NOTHING as i was racing Saturday
Saturday: Fingal Duathlon Finished 40/104 not bad but i could do with allot of improvement on the bike! I opted for the Proper pre-race food, meaning NOT a sausage sambo en-route to the race!! i had a bowl of porridge when i woke at 7.15 and a banana about an hour before the race started!. i was happy with the way my first run went, i knew where to pace myself and more importantly who to keep in sight, we hit the hill and boy did we all feel it! struggle up the hill passing one or two people i think, got to the turnaround point and was met but two grinning/smiling bastards Barbie and Glenn, they were looking for numbers to be called out but i could barely breath let alone call out my number! so a quick grunt and wave and i think they noted my number. The turning point is a great place because you can see how far you are ahead and behind people and right in front was Paul McCormack and behind was Paula Fitz, two bloody good distance runners in my opinion! half way down the hill i hear the clapper of feet behind me and Paula whizzing past me on the down hill like Phoebe from friends and her words to me were come on!!! so without thinking im running like Phoebe from friends too and we shot down the hill together like a pair of Phoebe's! it worked because we passed 3 or 4 people on the way down and i even managed to reel in Paul McCormack before we got to Transition*, the bike section was ok but i feel i should have done allot more to keep up with fellow club members than went passed me and dropped me but its only early season so all is good. I caught up with Gary Morgan on the start of the second bike lap and i thought it was gonna be the same a Naas with me finishing ahead but Gary had different plans, he caught me on run 2 at the bottom of the hill with about 1km to go! I caught up with Gav and Cormac on the bike but they passed me again fairly sharp! although I did completely DOMINATE Gerard from start to finish so that will remain my main slagging point that i will use for the season, similar to my awesome win over Paul Mc in muckno last year!. Great race with soup and rolls to finish off the day, what more could anyone ask for!!!
see photo for proof!!!! i looks like im going to die but i actually feel alright, really i do!
Monday was meant to be a brick session before work but with Luke voicing his opinion throughout the night and showing me his new skill of clapping his hands instead of sleeping. I missed the session but I had the cycle session in the evening so it wasn't a day completely wasted, I headed out early on Monday evening to to get a head start and headed out to Skerries, up the black hills and back out to the ring road to start the speed session, 20k already in the bag and i was still feeling fresh, Happy days! Donal, Mark Burns, Paul Brod and Jeremy were in attendance and so this means sprints sprint and more sprints, there was 8 of us warming up and 2 laps in it was sprint time, we kept in a tight group until the first roundabout and then its like Donal and Mark stuck it into another gear and gone leaving us huffing a puffing trying to keep them within eyesight. The next few sprints we actually kept up with the speedys and on one i even managed to pass the two of them (once in a lifetime opportunity) or where they just afraid that i would explode trying to pass them and they didn't want my insides all over their bling bling bikes! i managed to do 50k from Lusk to Skerries and then the speed session on the ring road, not bad for a Monday evening!
Tuesday is meant to be my rest day but i decided that i was gonna head up to kettlebells to vent some stress, Barbie was there aswel, its like we are becoming training buddies as Tony has yet to appear in the NAC for pre-work swims, Barbie was showing off to everyone her ability to execute the windmill move in the class to perfection (no its not some sort of lighting your fart trick you filthy buggers) as i was struggling to even put my feet in the right position... it was a great workout and im already feeling it as i type! Roll on the PAIN tomorrow!
Wednesday was gonna be my first session in the pool in paddy's day and i was thinking that i might not be a quick as normal and i was right!!! Doh! Barbie was there before me bright eyed and bushy tailed (she actually has a tail) holding her place in a two man lane, so i jumped in to give club support and we munched them! They seemed to be doing 100m and 200m sprints and we were just going for distance, i ended up passing the two lads while they were doing their 100m sprints so i still have some speed left :-) the clock struck 7.30 and it was out time, Barbie said she done 1300 meters and I haven't a clue what i done! (remember i cant count lengths)
Wednesday run session was the return of fartlek!!! I was in the middle group with Gary, Paula, Mary and the Beast that is Majella! Gary was ahead in all the sprints , i think he was just showing off that he beat in the footrace on Saturday! (wait until we hit the water Gary)1000m- 3minutes recovery- 500m 3minutes recovery x 5 times!!! but Liuwe had miss counted the distance and we were all running 1400m for the 1000m and don't know what we were running for the 500m! it was a great session and i could feel it in the legs while cooling down!
Thursday i had swapped for Tuesday as a rest day this week, i was feeling the effect from Kettlebells Tuesday and running Wednesday so it made sense to rest!
Friday morning was Wash day Friday with the club! 400m warm up followed by 5x400 then 200m side stroke and 200 cool down! Felt good in the 400's, we all started 5 seconds apart with Donal, Dinny, Mono and myself starting in that order, it doesn't take long to reel in a 5sec gap when your in in the draft zone and it was long before i passed mono but i couldn't catch Dinny or Donal so it was myself and Mono pairing up to finish the 400's, we even caught up the the lads that started just behind us so it was good to see an improvement in my swimming from last month! Swim sets over and we hitting the showers and i notice that Donal swims so fast that his swim shorts are starting to fall apart due to the G-force he swims at! ladies i bet you didn't see that, that would have made your weekend!
Friday evening i headed to Kettlebells and was greeted with a 24kg kettlebells to fling around! Jesus these are a different ball game than the 16kg i have been flinging around, i kept the 24kg until the double arm swings, i couldn't get the hang of swinging them together esp at that weight! when we were cooling down i could feel the pain in my shoulders so im expecting pain tomorrow and Sunday! plus side i got a t-shirt from Dinny! Bu ya its all about the T-shirts!
Saturday was the Herd and it was Hill repeat Saturday! i think there was 16 of us heading out so that was a great turn out considering it was hill repeats ! off out to Skerries we head meeting up with Paul B, Barbie, Donal and Glenn, we passed Seana on the way into Skerries and she wasn't feeling the love for the hill repeats so she opted for flying solo!. So we re grouped outside TMG's and headed for the Skerries Mountain! our aim was up the hill and round the loop and back to foot of hill, back up the hill and back down the hill and back up again and around the loop 5 times but the eager beavers that shot off at the start forgot to head back down the hill and just continued to do loops !, we ended up doing 5 ups of the hill until Gary rang (thank god)to say they were heading back after doing 4, and the speedy weren't long behind us coming up the hill on number 5 and Majella not to be outdone by any man/woman/beast/car nipped down the hill to get a 6th one in! we regrouped at Ardgillan gates and headed back to Skerries for a brick session, on the way back people dropped off to head home and it ended up being Myself, Maj, Mark, Paula, Gary and Majella that were heading for a 5k brick! nice pace was kept and we ended up doing it a couple of minutes quicker than last time! id say its down to Paula and her bloody quick pace that had us doing that! Quick warm down and a bar of snickers (aldi brand) to finish it all off! yum yum ! Rested for the rest of the day and might evening do the same tomorrow! :-P
Not a chance!!!! the weather was cracking when i woke up so i knew it was to good to waste so while i was looking trough Facebook i got an idea to head out on the mountain bike for a change! text Tony to see if he was interested and to my surprise he was! agreed that we meet in Howth in the place we used to cycle! Off we went around the cliffs of Howth but as we left it a bit late in the day there was allot of walkers around and this ment we couldn't go fast, one owl lad even gave out to us for cycling there! so we ditched the normal fast pace route we normally take and opted for a cross country style cycle! it was great to get out on the mountain bike after about a year of sitting in the shed and i noticed that it was allot easier to cycle with all the road biking ive being doing, it was easy cycling up the hills that used to kill my before! headed down the pier for an ice cream and a chill out after that. then it was time to head back to the car! so this means cycling back up the hill ! it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, we even held a conversation cycling up it! Bikes in cars and off we went ! great afternoon of doing something different with me owl pal Tony! it was off to mammy's for Sunday dinner! yum yum
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