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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Big brick this week

DaveMilneby DaveMilneMay 19th 2011
This week was a complete mare to get started, I flew back from Portugal Sunday evening after a another day boozing in the sun so I knew even thought I had the day off work I was still gonna miss a morning session. Believe it or not I was dying to get a work out done to try get some of the weekend antics out of me but Mr body said get a grip and go back to bed. I woke at 12-ish and had every intention to head out for a run but the idea of getting a hot chicken roll was more pleasing to the eye/tummy. I didn┬'t do much during the day Monday but I got the energy to head out on the bike for the speed session┬... well I thought I had enough energy to go. There was only 4 including me that showed up and we were not long before the sprints started! O good lantering Christ I felt like I was gonna die and that was only the 1st one!!!!! I could only manage to do 2.5 of them and had to call it a night, No energy, no power and not feeling the love for The White Fox. Waste of a session???? Don┬'t know really, I did get 15km in and that was after the stagamaina of a weekend!
Tuesday I was still very tired so I took the easy option and sat on my arse for the evening.
Wednesday I was up earlier than normal and headed over for a swim/detox. Struggling was wrote all over this session and given the fact that Barbie or Gav were not there I didn┬'t really push my self at all, Gav had done a half ironman on the Saturday so I guessed he would be resting up but Barbie was a no show and im gonna start rumours now if she doesn┬'t re-appear┬.... Id say I done 900-1000mtrs of stop start swimming with plenty of ┬"O Jesus, I think im gonna die┬" I even managed to try a tumble turn to the amusement of the two lanes beside mine! one guy done a tumble turn while I was trying mine and he stopped in his tracks laughing at mine sham of an effort┬... one day !! one Day! Running was set for the evening and I was looking forward to it because there are a good few from the group racing this weekend so it would be an easy session! We met up for the pre-swim run so im getting 2 swims in on a Wednesday now 1 pool and 1 sea so hopefully I should see an improvement in my sea swim times, Ha Hopefully! The tide was out so we could swim the same loop as last week but we made some sort of route to swim around, we had some good and bad luck at this swim, good meaning no seals looking for love and bad meaning water was freezing and manky but you would all agree the good out weighted the bad by a clear mile! Out we get and changed for running, because I wasn┬'t racing this weekend, The Loughshinny 4 at a steady pace was the plan of action for the evening. Nice slow run chatting with a newish member Brian for the U.S of A, our club is going global with our members! We spent most of the 2nd and 3rd loop trying to catch the Paul┬'s, Marc and Glenn and we did but they then decided to up the up the pace and I didn┬'t have that on cards to do so they disappeared into the distance and we plodded for our final loop.
Thursday I didn┬'t do anything for various reasons but I have to really get back into the swing of Thursday sessions!
Friday we had our club swim session and today I got to showcase my tan lines from Portugal, Picture togs with a white tan free area in the shape of boxer shorts!!! (We went swimming off our fishing boat and none of us brought togs! Hence the dodgy tan lines) 5x400mtrs on the cards for today and because mono was in the other lane I had to sit behind Dinny and try keep up with up meaning swimming out of my comfort zone, but its good to test yourself that way I think, I held onto him for the best part of 4 sets and lost him on the last one, his tumble turns are a great way to save time on the turns! On the cool down I wanted to try tumbling and I kinda got it right on the first one but on the 2nd one, I was heading in real confident and tumbled but ended up looking at the side of the pool with no wall to kick off┬... Doh, and im sure the fishes in the next lane had a snigger at that! But I will keep trying to get this because I think it will give me a better work out and you cant get the micro breaks at every turn so mission June is to ace the Tumble turn!
Saturday was gonna be a hard session with a 70-80k cycle followed by a 15k run and I think the idea of this might have scared a few people off but we still have a nice group to head out with, we even had Catherine from the Irish Para Olympic team cycling with us today, Catherine is 95% blind and she relayed on Mono to be her pilot. I would barely let mono take the lead in the swimming encase he brought us the wrong way and Catherine lets him pilot her bike!!! Not a chance LOL !
Off we went anyway at a quick enough pace, well the tandem bike took off like train and would only slow at hills to give us time to catch up. Bernie from about 4k in was worried about the pace we set off at and she even had a cunning little plan to take a short cut to meet us on the Balbriggan road, myself, gav and Glenn had turned around to try find her but a quick call to her mobile and a little laugh by her to come clean about her shortcut meant we had to play catch up, re-grouped and away to Drogheda we head at a steady pace into the wind too I might add! A little pit stop to let Mono have a break as Catherine was pushing the pace, with ease I might add! Quick re-fuel (well I had to scrounge food because I completely forgot all mine) and away we went into head wind and thins is where it went a bit pear shaped! Bernie and Marc got dropped and I decided to wait on Bernie to try get her back to the pack but she was bonked, no more energy and couldn┬'t keep up, it happens to everyone so the three of us headed home against more bloody wind! 15k from home I had to try catch up with the others because I was doing the brick with them so I say my farewells and up the pace. Into headwinds with no one to draft is a pain in the arse and lonely too but I did catch up with Gav, he was in a similar state as Bernie. Paul and Glenn where waiting on us when we got back, quick change and away we went, I was blessed that Gav done the brick because Paul and Glenn took off at a rate of knots and I would have been dropped within the first 3k so at least I had someone to chat to! We had got to the 5.5k mark and Gav legs were cramping like mad so we headed back knowing that it would be an 11k brick so its not that bad! We stopped on the way home so gav could stretch his legs. Job done nice session but I could have done it a bit deferent. The lads done a 17k run and it didn┬'t take them much longer than us doing 11k! Glenn arrived back into the estate wearing his trisuit! When one person is wearing a trisuit and no one else is its just looks wrong, Paulie told us that he was wearing it since Rush! O lord what will the neighbours think, quick put jumper on Glenn, this is a family road with loads of kids! I had visions on the fashion police coming and taking Glenn away for crimes against fashion and some sort of exposure! I was heading to the shops after the session and I noticed that the back tyre of The White Fox was flat, its funny how the tyre wasn┬'t flat when I was out cycling but when I left it in the hall the air started to come out, Good lad ┬"The White Fox┬" I knew you wouldn┬'t let me down, you brought me home even if you were injured! You will get a wash now!
Sunday I had every intention to head out with Paula on a 25k slow run but with Saturday nights antics I had to pass that up, Leinster won the Hino cup and this had meant I need to drink Hino!!!!! I did go for a 5k later that evening, ok I know its no 25k but it┬'s better than nothing!
Big brick this week
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