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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

I started my full weeks training this week + Sunday

DaveMilneby DaveMilneJan 12th 2011
I started my full weeks training this week since well before Christmas, Monday night is speed sessions on the Lusk ring road with the Club, low turn out in numbers but it was probably down to the weather and lack of motivation of some, As I had a committee meeting that evening I went out an hour earlier to clock up some Km¬'s in the legs. Speed session Monday while im by myself ¬.... I don¬'t think so!!!! So off I went around the ring road by myself like the lone-ranger (except not as cool as him) clocked up about 15km at around 25-30kmph until I got beeped off the road by what I can only describe as a pikey wagon, but as it got alongside me with two ladies dressed in green in the front, it dawned on me that the Boardman twins were coming to train early as well. With the greetings over and Caroline¬'s crashed jeep (but it¬'s Lisa¬'s husband fault) story out of the way, one lone ranger had become a pimp with two twins (you could get great money for twins in Lycra on a Monday night). Off we went loops of the ring round not much speed work done but a lot of Caroline trying to push for Greenclean to remove my waste¬...¬...¬... 3 others arrived but I had to head early so didn¬'t get to chat much to them, All in all I done 29+km, good to get back out on the bike again and roll on Saturday morning cycle with ¬"The HERD¬"
(Garmin link to session on the righthand side of page)

Tuesday is my day where I don¬'t know what I want to do, Train, watch telly, walk the dogs or get into a new found battle with Ben (my son) on the xbox 360, Training won the battle so I went to one of Dinny¬'s Kettlebell classes. The class was packed and he gave us all a good work out, felt a lot stronger since Friday¬'s class if that¬'s at all possible given it was only 4 days ago..

Wednesday¬'s run session with the club, hard session as always with great numbers in attendance, this is becoming a common sight now, 15+ people every week, high numbers = good crack, warm up was a nice big lap of the housing estate, then straight into high knees, heel flicks and sprints, I found myself paired with the Chairman Fergus most of the session, (He is in my age group, so I think he was secretly trying to gage my ability for the up and coming season). The banter at the back of the group was mainly about new Tri bikes, when / where and how much can we get off them, my blog, when should we go to the bike shops and see what discount they have to offer, my blog, Durace this, carbon that (still don¬'t know what was agreed if anything on times and dates) after our drills we were off the seafront for a 30-35 minute run, at your own pace but still able to hold a conversation, while having a chat with Liuwe trying to convince him that I wasn¬'t out of breath and I always have conversations with one/two word questions and answers (I think he bought it), Glenn (Danno) pulled up with I.T band issues so myself and Fergus kept each other at close range, (I think he could talk a lot more than me, but I think he was showing off and was secretly shattered). Finished up the run and cooled down with stretches and a lot of talk about Kettlebells, Jeremy ¬"the fountain of knowledge¬" about this new-found fad was showing the lads all his moves and we think we have convinced them to try it. (we want commission Dinny)
(Garmin link to session on the righthand side of page)

Friday Swim session,
Well, where do I start with this mornings session, It¬'s the worst Ive felt in a long time in the pool, struggling to maintain pace and not keeping my breathing right to name a few, by no means was the session hard, it was more drills than anything with 10x50m off 1 minute being the main set, I tucked in behind Paul Brod hoping for a bit of an easy swim but that didn¬'t work, I was actually working harder to keep up with him, 100 meters down, I feel Jeremy tapping my heels, WTF! is what I'm shouting in my mind, is Jeremy getting a hell of a lot quicker or am I just completely off the pace today, I pulled up mid way at the end of the lane and took it all in, I looked like a seal with just its head out of the water to breath, finished out about 150 meters and cooled down, I didn¬'t even do the full cool down, I just wanted out¬....
I must give a little shout out to Glenn and Jeremy who I feel their swimming has come of ten fold especially Jeremy, ( he done his first triathlon last year, Breast stroke!!!!)
Lessons learned this morning was,
1. If you¬'re not at top form don¬'t push yourself so you explode, ease off a bit and go back at it the following session!
2. Fuel your body, Fuel your body, Fuel your body, it doesn¬'t run on nothing
Hopefully tomorrow brings a better session¬...¬.....
But on a mega mega bright note, Donal (aka flipper) is going Down Under for 3 weeks and said he his gonna get me a pair of Bondi beach swim togs !!! O yeah!!!! Bring on the ball stretchers.!
also a great laugh was had in the changing rooms when Dinny told us that the new togs he had on were MEDIUM BOYS......., they even looked a tad big.....

Friday Night was Kettlebells, Gary morgan showed up for his 1st class, he nearly died when he used the 12kg so he opted for the 10kg, great class as always, while doing the squats with the 15kg kettlebell I twinged my knee, so i took the rest of the class handy,

Saturday morning was the the 2nd official outing of "the Herd", we had turned from Fingal Tri to Fingal weather report from Thursday onwards with the amount of reports that were posted on the Forums and Facebook page, but that wasn't going to stop me!
By 7.20 we already had cry off's starting to text , "weather to bad, I'm out!" "I'm gonna give it a miss" but it always happens, thats the way it goes ! As always Majella was bright (dark) and early claiming there was a heat wave on, so the show must go on, Jeremy, Tony, Gavin, Gary and Paul McClos all arrive last minute as normal (i was only early because we were meeting at my house) !Off we head moaning about the distance, the weather and anything else we can think of, doesn't take us long to hook up with Paul Brod on the way to Skerries and Dinny leaving skerries, next stop was the "THE BLACK HILLS".... man these are hard !!!!!! for some strange reason I didn't end up last up the hill ! I'm sure that will soon change as me and hills just don't go !!!!
There wasn't the usual Fingal banter that has become the norm at our training sessions but cycling into headwind doesn't help the moods. 25km into the cycle and we have the first drop off (his first kettlebell class the night before might have played a part(can you guess who it is) in him dropping off), the group slip into 2 groups, not by choice, but it always happens.
The overall cycle was a great spin, i felt good throughout the cycle but my hill work needs to improve ALOT.. any sign of a hill my heart rate goes sky high and i get dropped almost immediately, my cycling on the flats are OK, i can keep up with the pack (or the pack just slow up accommodate my big arse).
the moan of the day was Jeremy!, he said we dropped him and left him by himself but we thought he was with the 2nd pack, so he needed a special Tinydave Hug XXX (thats for you Jman).
Second moan of the day was Tony, but he really had no reason to be moany so we just let him rant on in the front of Jeremy's van like some old man! ah bless him, i think he wanted a Tinydave Hug as well, but lets be fair Tony, Tinydave Hugs are not just given out to every Tom, Dick and Harry, if everyone got one when they moaned they wouldn't be special now, would they!!
55km in the bag, longer next week for sure and hopefully the weather is a slight bit better!
Might head to the Sauna and jacuzzi, O i mean swimming pool for a few lengths tomorrow but i will have to see what the morning brings.
(Garmin link to session on the righthand side of page)

Sunday morning light jog, I had a lie on, but still it was a tad early for the rest day, Jeremy had organised a light jog at 10am to keep us ticking over, couple of texts later Paula (just keeps on running) and Barbie (ah bless) were going to join us for a loughshinny 5 session! Off we went in high spirits up the hill, across, down the back and across to the bottom of the hill again, pace was slow enough but I don't think we could have gone any quicker as the laughs we had put a halt to our speed, From Paula trying to explain that she is a good mother by withholding T.V and the golden arches from her kids to barbie annoying herself with her hatred of the 15 abreast walkers at any race/charity run she has done, she even went as far as saying her dislike of people telling her that they done the "marathon" in June , when it's only the mini marathon! Slight chip on her shoulder me thinks!!! Barbie opted out from one of the loops as her old hip injury started to flare up ( she hurt her hip while trying to do limbo under a 3foot line for free shots of taquilla of the barmans stomach ) well that's what I heard anyway!!! We cut the run short by a loop, stretched down and said our goodbyes standing next to used condom! Classy
until next week folks

Peace out
LisaBoardmanby member: LisaBoardman, Jan 17th 2011 10:35
funny reading!!!
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