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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Injury Plagued week, Not a happy camper!

DaveMilneby DaveMilneJan 26th 2011
Injury Plagued week, Not a happy camper!
Another week + another Monday, and that means Speed session on the Lusk ring road!!!! but i had a wee problem..... i had a sore foot ! a very sore foot!, how did i get it, haven't a fooking clue!, I woke up Monday morning and it was there! very sore to walk on and VERY sore to move my foot. I was either doing the river dance while i was sleeping and fell off the stage or Sarah had tried to sabotage my Tri season... i think i will go with the 2nd option! Hobbled around work all of the day and it even hurt to drive, ( I did think i was gonna die at one stage) (10 times worse than the "MAN FLU")*, anywho i headed out with the club just mainly to keep the legs moving, I just plodded along the whole session barely getting off the saddle so i didn't put lots of pressure on the foot. My foot was not as sore as it was during the day when i was cycling so hopefully it is just a 24hr pain in the foot if that's possible. 30km in the bag on a cold Monday evening is not to be sniffed at. Jeremy was wizzing passed everyone on his new steed, The Flaming TT Quintana Roo, he was flying along with ease, even Paul brod was finding it hard to keep up with him. we will all have TT bikes soon, so id say the pace will be increased ever so slightly!

* may not really be as bad
Hopefully the foot is better tomorrow :-)

Tuesday morning i was hoping my foot would be allot better, but it wasn't, hobbled around again all day :-(.
I suppose there is always a good side to every bad side, i was hanging around the house and playing with the kids and annoying Sarah with the who's this, what did she do on him, is he really sleeping with her, in all the soaps.. it annoys her so bad that she would prefer if i was out training. i spent most of the evening leg up on the couch surfing the web. I got to watch Grey's anatomy, so that's a plus (fit Nurse's all over the shop). I also entered my first Triathlon of the season, Tri-laois, its a pool based sprint distance so its a nice start to the year, i done this one last year as my very first triathlon in 1hour.31min.. 3min 10 secs behind Tony (who i aim to slaughter this season). the difference this year will be i will be 2 stone lighter, sporting a tri-suit, TT Bike and the most important one of all experience!!!! i have learned allot in my first Tri season, transition tips, pacing myself and of course brick sessions. i crumbled on the run part of Tri-laois last year!! but not this year!
P.S i also bought my New TT bike , "Argon 18 E-80", Ive yet to name my new steed but i will be probably something silly for a change. I'm booked in Velosport (Base to Race) on Sunday for the bike fitting. (its like i live there now)

Wednesday was a quite day on the training front for me, as my foot was still a bit sore i decided to give training a miss and try to get it back to 100%, i was trying to get to the gym to join but i was held up late in that funny place that pays me a wage, i think it called work!!!, my foot is feeling alot better today so I'm hoping to be back training Friday evening at Kettlebells. Also got a good bit of news today, Tony, last seasons training partner had got a job and is thinking about joining the NAC as well, the morning swims will become a regular thing now that the season is starting up again, Sheila aka Barbie is also joining the NAC again so hopefully we can start to get a early morning training pack together to get our swim up to strength. only a few more sleeps till i get the new steed! O by the way i had every intention to use the kettlebell this evening but with being held up in work and collecting Ben for Beavers i opted out (lame excuse but thats the way it went) until tomorrow folks

Thursdays here and the foot is still sore but not as sore as previous days, I'm beginning to think that it maybe it was a good idea that i didn't train much at all this week. Sarah does Yoga on a Thursday so its my Turbo training evening,( the thoughts of setting up the T. Trainer) but sarah was feeling ill so i said that i would go to the Yoga class... now i know from day 1 Ive slagged Jeremy for doing it but i think my flexibility needed to be addressed! arrived at the class and i could see Louise was gonna enjoy this... I was the only male in the class, and the only one sporting Lycra... ( I could sense a few funny looks as i dropped my track suit bottoms to reveal the tri-suit) Barbie, meatball(Seana) and Elaine were the only Fingal members there so i had some support. Christ I'm so un-flexabil! we were side ducks,fat chickens, Pigeon's and sitting dogs through out the class (these are made up names as i can remember them). over an hour of stretching, twisting and touching the floor can work up a sweat... well i was the only one !!! i think a first in Louise's classes. but it was great and i can still feel it Saturday!!!! i think Louise wanted me to get dropped by the HERD so i couldn't slag Gary anymore!!! ha ha ha

Friday is swim time, as my foot was nearly 100% (about 83% I'd say) Liuwe suggested that i use a pull buoy so i didn't kick my legs as much, we had 10x100m off 2min, 400m easy strokes things and then 10x50m off 1 min, i opted to start towards the back of the group as i was sporting the foam beside my nuts (pull buoy). i don't know if this makes you swim quicker but i ended up sitting behind Jeremy and Paul Brod after 3 lengths, i decided to just sit there and not push hard but that never happens, Paul found it hard to lead the mini pack so Jeremy took the lead and i sat in behind him, (easy peasy) the last set of 100's i dropped the pull buoy but never bothered to pick it up cos my foot felt OK, happy days for me i thought :-). the rest of the session was easy enough and i could feel it in the upper-body (or was this the work of Louise's Yoga class). set finished and i got too have a little snigger to myself Barbie had to change in the commoners changing room as her membership had expired... He he he he he
went to Kettlebells with Dinny on Friday evening (sure what else would you be doing on a Friday night) the class was packed, jam packed, Dinny doing a great job getting it up and running and now with Bernie in the picture I'm sure it can only get Bigger! Rob, Bernie, Donna, Brian and Gary were all there, good turn out from the fingal tri crew. It was circuit time.... I hate circuits!!! Sit-ups, one arm kettlebell swings, lunges, kettlebells circils and poxy burbees to name but a few! Holy lip was i sweating, the class was intense, 50secs at each station and we were doing two loops! I wanted to cry, really badly but i couldn¬'t Gary and rob were beside me and i would never live that down!!! Gary once again flat out.. does he not learn (the herd is Saturday morning, could this a hat trick of drops for him in as many weeks)

¬"Daddy, your cycling friends are outside¬" is what i woke to on Saturday morning by my 7 year old son Ben. HOLY FOOK is what I'm thinking but not saying as Ben would only repeat it and blame me. I look out the window and everyone was there! 8.20am and I'm late, even if i fell out of the bed i would land at the meeting point... quick call too Tony and i get laughed at, i tried the "I will meet you at the Naul" but that didn¬'t work as tony told me the twins need a pre cycle pee, so front door open, me in a pair of shorts letting two fully Lycra cladded females into my house, what would the neighbours think! I bet some of them were like ¬"get in their my son¬" or ¬"high Five big man¬".. as Lisa convinced me to get dressed and come on. I went into my bedroom and out just as fast, it was like a scene from stars in their eyes, in and out in a second in a completely different outfit. No breakfast was had (not a good idea) but Lisa did give me two bite size snicker bar thingys to munch on and get me going.(they lasted 2mins) Off we all went by 8.35 and the normal route was on the cards but with some added length at the end, picked up Paul and marc coming out of Rush (more like entering Lusk). We were flying, trying to make up time or just trying to punish me for holding everyone up?. Into Skerries we went picking up Sword CC people thinking we were them, didn¬'t take long for them to notice they had joined the wrong club, Ah Tri-athletes was said at one stage to which we replied ¬"can you swim and run ¬" silence was their answer ... we picked up an oldish guy John on the road and he tucked in behind us, very nice chap and could cycle with us not a bother , could he be our Honorary member?? Black hills were hit with a bang and as always i was sitting behind the pack gasping for any bit of air i could when what i can only describe as a sea of male testosterone huffing and puffing passed us, there must have been about 30 of them going up the hill as if it was flat, we even got a bit of abuse from Fingal Tri member Dave Russell as he sped past, Dinny on the other hand commented on my new bar tape ¬" ah the moo cow bar tape¬"  . Black hills done and off to the naul we head, we lost Lisa and Caroline at this stage and we were picking up the pace, naul hill had the group spread out a good bit but we all trucked on. Over the hill and away we go, down hill baby, 50kph is what we get up to on this section, i caught up with the pack and we decided to pull over and regroup, energy bar/gels, banana¬'s and fluids were taken on board and off we head again. The herd was back together flying along until this OAP in his retirement-mobile started to beep at us for cycling on the road!!! I'm sure cycling was his only way of transport back in the day ! he nearly knocked Paul Brod off his bike while trying to make a point while overtaking us, many a gesture was made at him while he passed, he then decided that he had grown a set of nuts and stopped his car in the road! Well off went towards his car at top flight to give him a piece of our minds but the old fart floored it! Bottler! After our bit of road rage we headed towards the airport on the final leg of our spin, we had split up a bit here and me being the good friend decided to wait on tony but with the chance of getting dropped for the herd (the ultimate fail) i had to go, flat out at around the airport we went meeting up with Swords CC, Jeremy somehow found himself at the top of the pack shitting himself, he was told politely to move, off they went and the HERD was back to as one. while my Garmin ran out of battery Ive nolink to give you but it was 70k all in, I was in a complete jock by the time we hit Lusk, tony had already got there as he took a wrong turn on cut the cycle short,
Today's HERD casualties were Gary(hat-trick), Tony(2times) and Mark (his 1st time out with HERD, so we will allow it) Next time lads SUCK IT UP AND STICK WITH THE PACK ha ha ha ha ha(i hope i never get dropped)

Sunday was gonna be rest day before i headed over to collect my new steed, but my legs were a bit stiff so i decided to head out with the chicks in the club for their Sunday spin. easy cycle, great for the legs, we even seen Bernie flying past us coming from the Naul, up the naul hill and back home towards lusk, 30km all in and the legs felt good. 1 learned a great thing today, the gloves that Lisa gave are not worth a shite, my hands were freeeeeezing.
quick shower and a spruce up and i was off.... BASE2RACE here i come, i arrived and was greated by Don again, my new steed was awaiting me, into the batcave we went to set this baby up, 1hour and half later it feels right, nice sitting position, everything feeling comfortable, done happy me! i was like a Cheshire cat with the grin on my face :-) $$$$ excahanged hands and i left with the new steed(yet to be named), a foam roller and a Forearm Fulcrum(i bet your gonna google it). so much new stuff to try out Agggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

P.s my foot is better : yipeeeee

till next week folks :-)
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