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The train drivers guide to Tri
Welcome to my world.I'm going through a mid life crisis and trying to be the best i can at triathlon with very limited ability! I work as aTrain Driver on the East Coast Main Line, and thought writing this blog would show people who work awful shifts can try and fit in a great sport and keep you fit! I've just been selected to be an ambassador for Xterra Wetsuits so expect plenty of pictures in their wetsuits!

Equinox24, an end of season gentle jog!

DazzaTri72by DazzaTri72Sep 27th 2013
I'm suffering with writers block at the moment, apparently all intelligent and artistic writers suffer with this, so why the hell I am I have no idea! (no idea mmmm sums my blogging up)!
As I sit here stuffing a lovely piece of chocolate cake down me, the nights have become longer, so that means Autumn and Winter are on the way, and the end of the Triathlon season.
It's been a steady few months since my last piece of drivel splattered the timelines on Twitter and Facebook, well what have I done race wise?
Two teams from Stamford Tri Club entered the National Tri Relays at the National Watersports centre near Nottingham, the day started cold and wet, but did improve throughout the day, I found it a long day as there was a lot of waiting around. Saying that we had a laugh, I'm not sure where our teams came, but I know the team I raced in just missed the cut off time. I'm not sure I will do them again, as it didn't really give me the buzz as other events.
So on to my next race which was a bit of a last minute decision, The Grimsthorpe 10K, it was part of The Grimsthorpe Festival, so we had planned a family day out after, the race itself was brutal, very very hot and hilly! Thats tough for a bald fen boy! And the uphill finish, did literally finish me off! I paced it quite well and came in at around 45.30, so I was quite pleased. A well deserved beer after at the festival was needed!
My last race of this wonderful summer was the Equinox24 race at Belvoir Castle, now I'm not a keen runner as anyone will tell you, so why the hell I was persuaded to do this by a friend I will never know! Right up to the event I was having doubts about doing it!
I'm so pleased I did! Our team of 8 who deserve a mention, Captain Paul Stoker, Vicky Clarke, Diane Parperis, Stuart Boyd, Angela Reith, David ( Forrest ) Booty, and our chief motivator and Team Chef Paul Brewster. We came 3rd in our category, after a blistering final run by Di, suitably supported by Paul B! I thought we did remarkably well considering, the London Pride, Red wine and San Miquel had been cracked open fairly early!
The highlights were many, seeing the sun set and rise in a wonderful location, running as part of a great team and meeting some great people, the solo runners were an inspiration ( I won't EVER be running solo ).
My highlight was at the end as my daughter joined us all for the last few metres and crossed the finish line with me!
Quote of the weekend was to Stuart Boyd from a fellow runner....'Are you Scottish mate? the intrepid athlete asked Stuart, No said Stuart, quizzically, why? well it's 9am mate and your the only bloke here drinking Carlsberg Export'!!
So all in all, a great event, run by some very enthusiastic people, the marshalls were great and very encouraging, there are lots of stories I could tell but would bore you, so will just say 3 words, DO IT PEOPLE!

So what's up next? To keep the competitive juices flowing during the depressing months of winter, I'm doing a 10K run at Stanwick Lakes, and have entered The Grafham Duathlon.

Training wise will all be geared to focusing towards The Slateman Triathlon in May, this looks a bit of a killer for a lad from the flatlands of Lincolnshire, but will be training hard and doing my best.
There are also a few other plans whipping about my small but tidy brain for 2014, people keep saying to me 'are you going long'??

What could they mean? On that point I will leave it there for now folks.
Cheers Dazza.

P.S. Good luck Mat in Kona!
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