"Are you limited by your Challenges" or "are you challenging your limits"

I Live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Condition and plan to 'Challenging My Limits' 2017 my goal was the Lake Zurich 26km Marathon Swim.

Where do I go from here? #destinationunknown

"Funky Feet" are go ....

DragonRunnerby DragonRunnerFeb 3rd 2013
Well it,s begun the months of planning putting together a training plan which will take me up to the start line in Kalmar at least and within the first month there were two set backs that I am glad happen so early on. The first, there has been a few days of snow which made getting around a bit difficult, I normally can trip over a pattern in the carpet add some snow and I was like a certain Disney character on ice. The second was a bout of DHI (Duplici Homo Influenza) as there are only a certain part of the population that can truly understand the implications of this condition, there is not much more I can be say on the subject.

On the plus side even with the two events above the goals for the month were completed. The first was a simple one of getting back into the training habit, but also getting with 10% of the training plan, and for the 10% I am over target. This brings me onto Februarys goals. It is going to be a little bit of a challenge, however it is a more measurable goal of swim 25 miles in the month. The main reason for this one is again to help me get back into a habit of getting up early in the mornings and get to a training session that the weather cannot affect.

January seen the annual gathering of the Celtic Tri Clan for the Presentation Evening, as expected there were faces I did not recognise, but this was mainly due to the fact they are normally seen in lycra, and not in evening dress. A huge congratulations to all the award winners. Club Champions Darren Edwards and Tracy Drummond-Govier, the recipient of the "Bill Prichard Award" John Nicholls, who is a mind of information that members of all levels actively seek his opinions and on a regular basis. Finally the Sporty Snaps Inspirational Award winner Christine Jones, who is the first person from the Celtic Tri to take part and finish in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, this is an achievement that will drive on many others members with a realisation that it is possible to complete at the highest level in the sport. For me it was an unexpected honour to be even nominated for this award along Christina and also Mike Tate (who is another person who drives on the inspiration of others with his wealth of experience). At the end of the day I am me who just gets on with what I need to do so that I can complete the same course as others but "Thats Me".

From a health prospective I have now had an MRI, and in the waiting stage for the results, the only thing that is certain at present is that whatever is thrown up by the results I will still be the same person walking out of the consulting room as the one walking in". It is my "Funky Feet" that over a year and half ago that is leading down the test and wait route with the health system, quite often I am so glad that I have not waited for the results of the tests and just got on with working around my problem.

A big talking point this month around the world has been the Lance Armstrong disclosure, and a few other high profile cyclist have followed in recent days as well. Yes I was a fan of Lance and to some point still am, this is largely due to support given to over 28 million people worldwide who succumbed to cruel illness by the Livestrong Foundation and I do not have to go far from my house to find someone who found that support. For me my hopes from this disclosure is that the world starts to look at all sports the same and all governing bodies wake up and not bury their heads in the sand with the attitude of "it does not happen in our sport". On top of this lets have the sport supplement company's not hide what's in their products under an array of scientific names and claims, so that we do not get another sad case like the runner Claire Squires who died during the 2012 London Marathon.

So what has the rest of the month got in store, beside the training goal of 25 miles swim, I have the Love Run, Cardiff which is a 10k run which is organised to raise funds and awareness for Action Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Charity, and that it really all. I may be adding a few other events to my race calendar, but I will wait on see if I get places in the events first.

The last bit I going to mention is going back to the Annual Celtic Tri gathering earlier in the month, and the biggest and best appreciation was for the club coaches, myself like all others in Celtic Tri cannot say how much your support drives us all on.
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