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"Are you limited by your Challenges" or "are you challenging your limits"

I Live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Condition and plan to 'Challenging My Limits' 2017 my goal was the Lake Zurich 26km Marathon Swim.

Where do I go from here? #destinationunknown

It's not about being first

DragonRunnerby DragonRunnerDec 12th 2014
Well we are almost 31/2 years since I started to question myself over how I was not responding to the training I was doing, and paid a visit to my GP. I still do not have a definitive diagnosis, and the plan to manage the Neuromuscular / Spinal Cord condition seems a little weak from the Health Care point of view. It looks like I am going to be left to look after myself. So with that viewpoint and some really negative comments from someone who wishes to hide has helped me make my mind up and continue in triathlon.

I am a Challenged Athlete and proud of it. Even thou my condition is not visible to all, it is there - I am thankful for every step I take, I am even more thankful for the support I get from my family and the members of Celtic Tri. I can understand that some may not be comfortable training and racing along side Paratriathletes and personally I would feel better if this was discussed face to face instead of taking what I consider to be a crowdly way of having a go at challenged athletes - it is after all 2014.

The amount of effort it takes just to walk a mile for me is beyond imagination, on some days a flight of stairs may as well be Everest or Kilimanjaro - oh how I would like to climb them. Both of them are on my bucket list sporting challenges. For me it is good to have so may goals or I would just give in.

I have not ventured out on my bike since the Outlaw Half Triathlon last June (going back in 2015 - unfiished business), struggling to finish had a greater effect than I realised . So to get back into the habit I joined into spin session for Disability Sport Wales at Llanelli Leisure Centre, it was case of mind over matter. Could have easily packed in after about 10 minutes, but that was not going to happen and managed to get to the end almost in one piece. Holidays in a few weeks so must plan a few rides.

I now a AFO that was made for me by Ace Feet in Motion (Cardiff) to help me run / shuffle, now hopefully I can plan a return to my goals. First goal on my "Resa to Kalmar" is the Nos Galan Run on New Years Eve. As I said earlier this is not going to be easy and I know that there is a thought in the back of my mind that as the muscle strength is not getting better, there is always a chance I will not make back to Sweden but I have to hope and believe. 2015 is yet again is not going to be easy but by Challenging Perceptions of what is possible we will see.

The next stop after this is the Bath Half Marathon in March so with luck the British weather will be kind and allow me to train. I need to get rid of all reasons not to train, my body already has too many.

This is going to be a short blog, so as my training is now underway and the last time I made regular updates it helped me, so it will not be long before I am back.

So the final thought for today is "Nothing compares to the exhilarating feeling of being able to WALK. It,s not about being first, it's about seeing what's possible (Scout Bassett).

Next Event - New Years Eve : Nos Galan Runs
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