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Shep begins to Tri
The start of my triathlon journey from unhealthy student to fighting fit young professional.

Shep begins to Tri

GSheppardby GSheppardJun 16th 2014
My boyfriend is gently encouraging me to participate in Triathlon, however, he conveniently seems to be ignoring the fact I can barely swim, have a mountain bike with flat 'knobbly' tyres and rusted chain. On top of all this I believe (being a physiotherapist) that running is a bio-mechanical nightmare.
Still I'm considering giving it a go. I'm hoping keeping a little blog will help encourage me to stick with it and also give me an account of my progress, triumphs and failures along the way.

First up is a local 5k park run (27/06/13 Chipping Sodbury) Which may seem small potatoes but is none the less a challenge for someone who has spent the last 6 years of their life pursuing academic not sporting prowess, coupled with my inherent fear of failure this could prove to be an interesting ride.
Shep begins to Tri
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