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William's Tri Experience

Ganj2012by Ganj2012Jun 5th 2013
Hello my name is William Ganje and I am from Webster, WI and I would like to talk about my triathlon experience. I started racing in triathlons the summer of 2005. My first triathlon was the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in Minneapolis, MN on Lake Nokomis. I just turned 20 that summer and didn't realize that I would be started a career in participating in endurance sports.
Since 2005 I have participated in at least one triathlon a year and have recently been participating in mud runs such as Rugged Manic and Tough Mudder.
I have completed almost 25 endurance races which include 15 triathlons, (7 of which were Olympic distance and 2 Half Iron distance) 1 marathon, 3 mud runs, and a hand full of running races such as 10K's, and one 30K.
My plan at some point in my endurance racing is to complete a Iron distant triathlon. It doesn't have to be an Ironman sponsored triathlon because from my research I have discovered the registration fee alone is almost $700 which is pretty expensive. This year I will be competing in the Racine Half Iron 70.3 July 21st which I am pretty excited for and have been slowly training.
Thank you for reading and feel free to post feedback or your own experience would be helpful.
William A. Ganje
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