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Graham's Mid life crisis Blog
Graham's Mid life crisis Blog
Story of training for ironman regensberg 2010 in an athlete hampered by injury, middle age and serious lack of natural talent

All cycling is physics.....

GrahamSby GrahamSApr 24th 2010
My beautiful new Van Nicholas Auleus has been scaring me witless with the death wobble. As soon as I hit 30mph the front wheel would start to weave and buckle in a devious and scary way. Today I headed off to TRiUK to prepare for a sad and early divorce. However en route I had a play with the physics of the death wobble. The route from Bristol to Yeovil is strewn with large hills and I had ample opportunity to try different techniques. Bottom line - by relaxing my arms and putting most of my weight on the pedals ( as opposed to split between pedals and handlebars) I managed to abolish completely the death wobble. I guess that my rigid arms allowed oscillations from the wheels to affect my body and vice versa.

Thus, much of life and all of cycling is physics...
bigmafyaby member: bigmafya, Apr 28th 2010 21:58
Why did you opt for a Titanium over carbon bike? I'm almost ready to upgrade from my beginner steed and am very tempted to go for a Van Nicholas myself. What are they like? I'm very envious
GrahamSby blog author: GrahamS, May 3rd 2010 11:53
HI Bigmafya,
I chose titanium after speaking to a friend who is both an academic and a cycle obsessive. I asked him which he thought was the best frame ( corbon, steel, alu etc) and he replied titanium, titanium and titanium.... Titanium is undoubtedly more expensive but I was attracted by the supposed brilliant ride characteristics, the fact that it is more of less indestructable and most importantly, it is a bit unusual and marks you out from the carbon hordes.

The ride quality is excellent. Now I have resolved my speed wobble issues, it is a great bike to ride - a bit like a high quality steel frame. I think that my auleus is not quite as fast a ride on the flat as my old specialised transition tri bike but she floats up hills. So far, I am really pleased.

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