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Graham's Mid life crisis Blog
Graham's Mid life crisis Blog
Story of training for ironman regensberg 2010 in an athlete hampered by injury, middle age and serious lack of natural talent

The death wobble - dont let it get you...

GrahamSby GrahamSMar 29th 2010
OK - so I splashed out on a new bike....Van Nicholas Aeolus. A beautiful creature. I took her out today for the first time feeling a bit like the middle aged man with the tall leggy blonde on his arm (Note to lovely wife: I have never been in that situation...honest). Anyway, she sped along the flat and climbed hills as if they were gentle downslopes.

So I let rip down into Stoke Bishop. Then it happened... At around 35 mph my front tyre started to wobble. Grief! I thought there must be loose front forks or wheels or some such thing and I prepared myself to hurtle towards the tarmac. I cursed loudly at not checking the fixings more closely. Just as I was deciding to allow myself to fall on my dodgy right shoulder ( scene of a dislocation 18 months ago) rather than knacker my remaining good left shoulder, I managed to bring myself to a semicontrolled stop.

Back home I did the Google thing and came across "death wobble" tails from all and sundry. It is a bit like "hitting the wall" in marathon running - you dont really believe it exists until it happens to you! Anyway, there is some complex physics explanation to do with flexing of the frame and wheel and resonance and stuff.

The bottom line is that there is probably a compatability issue between rider and bike. I am taking my "gorgeous blonde" Aeolus back to the shop for a checkup. However, several google wisemen have declared that a man has to treat his bike like a girlfriend. Ultimately, if you have a major compatability problem , you are better to part company! I do hope we can sort this out. Any advice gratefully received......
RichGby member: RichG, Apr 6th 2010 01:55
Not sure its so much of a rider/bike issue as a frame/forks/wheels or even tires issue - so you may well be able to keep hold of the new wheels but with variations in any or all of the above. This also happened to me once too but at about 50mph on a steep descent - VERY scary, but other than a change of tires (which I'm not suggesting is a miracle fix), it never happened again and I went down all kinds of descents on that bike afterwards - Alas, we also parted company but she was stolen away from me by a careless driver - I survived but she was split in two!

Good luck sorting it out!
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