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Took up Triathlon at the age of 35 after 20 years playing Hockey on Astroturf (got out of that whilst my knees were still intact!).

Tour of Britain

GuyDby GuyDSep 17th 2010
Tour of Britain
Anyone else doing a stage of the Tour of Britain?
We are doing the Staffordshire stage on 26th September, up through the Peak District. 161km, with alot of climbing!
karmenrby member: karmenr, Jan 29th 2010 08:37
It's hard to give any suggestions (how to balance with work and family) with that little information.
But I wrote about it here ( ), maybe there are some useful points.

How to make biking more enjoyable? Don't know:) For me it's the swimming which I don't enjoy and don't know how to change it.
GuyDby blog author: GuyD, Jan 29th 2010 08:56
Thanks for the info - I will take a look later on and hopefully it will help.

With regard to the swimming enjoyment I have stopped counting lengths and just spend time clock watching (sounds boring I know) ie, if see how long it takes to do 2 lengths at steady pace and just check the clock every time you return to the top of the pool to ensure you are not dropping your pace or swimming too fast. In fear of teaching your granny to suck eggs this is what i do ath the moment.

Break up a session and you soon get the lengths in. I do a couple of different swim sessions as follows;

12 lengths warm up.
3 x 12 lengths with hand paddles (1 min rest between sets)
5 x 4 lengths as follows (1 length right arm only, 1 length left arm only then 2 length both arms all using a pull buoy).
12-24 lengths steady swimming - depending on time I have.

6 lengths warm up.
5 x 50m sprint swimming (takes about 45 secs for me then 45 secs rest and do it again)
82 lengths continuosly
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