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Year Of The Awesome
Year Of The Awesome
Hello All, I original set up this blog help inspire me to get back into Triathlon. I was never the sporty type up until 2006, when I got the bug! Initially it was a new years resolution and I booked derby tri for the September. I had weight to loose and fitness to build. I attended a women's introduction to tri day at Leeds to get me started and even met Fi my training bud (In the middle with Alex my partner) For years we did loads of events, achieving Olympic distance at Ripon Tri, it was awesome. We hoped of half one day, dreamed of Ironman and to ride the big Cols in France. Then work life got in the way or a least I allowed it too. I have piled on the pounds, am out of shape, well I don't fit in my wetsuit anymore and that's bad. Life has been rocky, Fi got poorly a number of times, but each time she came back fighting. Then my Dad got ill, I'm a big Daddies Girl. As you do you stay strong, my Dad passed away in September 2011 and Fi, the fighter trained right up until two weeks before she was rudely taken in April 2012. I am now back and ready to training hard, I want this to be the year of the Awesome, by training hard and achieving my goals I know my Dad would be proud and Fi would be with me in spirit, enjoying every minute.

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Day 15 insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 30th 2011
Left insanity till last thing today to do. Don't know why I do this, better to do early and feel the benefit through the day. Feeling a bit mardy today, Alex looks really good he's in the zone. Set out my gear for the morning and put my alarm clock a...
Week 2 results
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 29th 2011
My week has been rubbish with one day missed with my cold, sulked all day today as my weight loss naff. Wish I had done fit test this morning as this went really well improved on all exercises. body fat down too. Alex is looking very fit his six pack...
Day 11-12-13 Insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 27th 2011
Eleven not feeling to good, had day off Twelve cardio recovery still feeling ruff but managed to do. Thirteen Oh no ruff ruff ruffer today bed and vit c when I got home With an early night back to it tomorrow food been good over all the days - ex...
Day ten insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 24th 2011
Don't ask me how I did it but I managed to do the workout tonight, was not in the mood nor had the energy but woo hoo I did it. Well chuffed as I have a bad eye infection and it's that time grumpy time of the month. This is one sixth of the progra...
Day nine Insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 23rd 2011
Sean T say's "I'm not trying to hurt you I just want to make you better" yes but it hurts! Loved it today it went really well, managed all of the warm up. The press ups are getting better, back to plyo tomorrow. Dug out the Ryka trainers I had not wo...
Day eight insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 22nd 2011
I can even do a set of full press ups and Sean T wants me to do walking press ups. Changed my trainers today as my running ones are not really designed for all that jumping about on you toes. My feet felt much better, however my calves are like iron...
Week 1 Results
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 22nd 2011
They are in..... Alex Start weight 87.6kg now 85kgs Body fat 21% now 18% Ruth Start weight 89.6kgs now 88.0kgs Body fat 48% now 46% Great results I'm desperately trying not to compare with Alex but it's always hard. We both feel lots...
Day six Insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 20th 2011
Left house at 6am so no workout am. Alex was doing Insanity when I got home he was well cuffed when he finished, six days he's feeling good. I am going to take today off and do in the morning as I'm not working. Alex off to the races in the morning....
Day five Insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 19th 2011
Pure cardio today, it was hard today but I managed a few of the press ups that's not bad for 5 days training. Feeling great this evening, and inspired but the food we have been able to eat. Alex was happy today with the cardio, he sulks with stretch...
Day four Insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 18th 2011
Cardio Recovery today, did not make the morning slot so picked up this evening. This was a good move as my poor legs have had an extra 12hours of recovery. The session was only 30 mins with loads of streching. So feeling really good now, pure cardio ...
Day three Insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 17th 2011
Oooo doms day today I feel, can't say I ran down the stairs today to do my workout. Today was cardio power to not as many plyo moves. Keep telling myself that next time I do this session I will be better. Again the v press ups and moving press ups go...
Day two Insanity
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 16th 2011
A six am start for day two, Alex kept popping in to inspire me. Muscles ache a bit today so going to be in pain me thinks! The elite nutrition plan that comes with insanity has been good today not felt hungry or needed and junk. The workouts are...
Day one Insanity Training
Hannah1234by Hannah1234 May 15th 2011
I am using the insanity programme to get back fit. Day 1 and fit test completed, oh dear this is gonna hurt. It was only 25 mins. Alex my partner who is 6 foot, fit and lean chucked a whitey and took over an hour to recover!! I did mine and it was h...
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