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Hartybeastby HartybeastJul 2nd 2012
Completed the Outlaw yesterday, what a great day and BIG thanks to the organisers and the volunteers who made the day possible.
Despite a 3.50am alarm call managed to eat some cereal, fuit and some rolls plus couple of cups of tea. Dropped kit bag off once changed for swim and being nervous opted for the middle swim pen. Bang on 0600 klaxon sounded and the washing machine began, 1000 over a 90m stretch all heading for a 40 m lane within 400m, got hit, kicked, nearly lost goggles, had normal panic attacked - based on fear probably. From 1km found some clear water and calmed down and had a really ggod swim and actually enjoyed it, got out of water in 73.50 which given headwind and swell on homeward stretch was really pleased with.
Bike was OK no real hills, flat fast, good surfaces, bit windy though and not nice when it lashed it down. Got one of those strange punctures when you bank around a corner the inner tube lets go - useful after 104 miles. Got some strange looks on my bog standard Allez as I passed by areo bikes on the ride, just to prove the engine makes the bike fast. 112 miles in 6hrs 8mins averaging over 18mph. Good food stations every 16/20 miles each well stocked with drinks, gels, food etc.
Just the marathon to do which included 4 laps of the rowing lake the home strtch always challenging into the wind. The loops out to the city along the tow path, past a cricket match, didnt see the score so if anyone know. Just past Nottingham Forests ground local regatta with dragon boat racing taking place, food station every 1 to 1.7 miles all staffed with friendly supportive volunters - thanks guys.
Completed in 11.45 about 90 mins better than I thought managed to see the family in the finish shoot, so thanks to everyone especially Liz, Nick and Stephen for their help plus all those at work who ran with me at lunchtimes.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jul 2nd 2012 14:19
Hi Hartybeast, well done :o) sounds like you're buzzing and great time! I used to live in Nottingham near the forest ground and so I can imagine that you got great support around that area. Hope the weather was kind?! Is it too early to ask what's next?
Hartybeastby blog author: Hartybeast, Jul 2nd 2012 17:54
Next on the summers adventure is a weekend bike ride from Epsom to Paris followed the weekend later by the Hampton Court to Kingston Thames swim, looking forward to both, then a nice holiday. Mind you have chosen hotels with a pool and designated run trails - just dont tell anyone
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