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Achilles Tendon

IMnadineby IMnadineNov 11th 2009
Are the nagging injuries that keep coming back a message of some sort? Endurance sports have a way of making my life so much more than I can explain. The idea of taking my body further and longer, the battles that are won in my head over my body. Spending time alone with whatever the weather decides to bring. Early morning runs while the majority of the world still sleeps are such a high. I find it hard to think that my body is telling me to call it quits for a while. Wether it be running or cycling the long hours and the time on the road are just irreplaceable.
I had been injury free or at least achilles injury free for 10 years. After a severe injury in 1995, during a Tae Kwon Do championship and eight weeks of wearing casts on both legs to recover. Ten years later as I started training for my first Ironman pain came back. It was manageable and I got through it. Last year again, I started battling this nagging pain preparing for my second Ironman. It started during track running, as my coach tried to get me to shift technique on my running skills.
I had some special inserts made for my shoes which had extra cushion on the heels and a little extra for added height. The raise of the achilles was alwasy helpful in the past. Training went on lots of icing, anti inflamatories, stretching, all the works. I guess I learned to live with it and deal with it. Second Ironman was done.
But this year at this point it is just too uncomfortable and of course there is the thought of will I injure my achilles any further. I have raced the long races with ibuprofen just as important as water through my run. So after my last race I took a month off running, started back again three weeks ago. By my 5th session pain was back. It goes away after 10minutes but next day it is hard to walk. I´m really not planning on stopping, I would like to race Miami half marathon and it is only two months away.
I´m considering going back to yoga. I can trully say that during the time I practiced yoga my whole body was doing so much better. Running became effortless. IM florida is on the calendar for 2010 so I better have one good plan to hold the achilles strong and injury free. Maybe my body isn´t asking me to quit, it is simply asking for me to take better care of it. I know my body enjoys the long training as much as I do. :)
Oziemby member: Oziem, Nov 11th 2009 17:22
Hi IMnadine,

I've also had a lot of problems with my achilles, I think I was around 12 when I first felt it. There is a lot of advice online about it, do you run with a heel strike? I do and I think thats the cause of my problems. I have tried to convert to a mid-sole strike but the same problem arrose, I think that was caused because my calf muscles were still weak from not being used heel striking! Once I get rid of a knee problem and can exercise again I'm going to try strengthening my calves & gluts before attempting to run again.
IMnadineby blog author: IMnadine, Nov 12th 2009 15:20
Thaks Ozeim!

I agree I think that my problem has gotten worse due to weakness on my calves! Funny you mentioned the mid strike on your running, that is exactly what my coach is trying to get me to do! It is pretty frustrating to try to run on it like this. I got lazy with the weights with so many cardio workouts, but the bill came along! I will definately look info up on the web thanks! I hope your knee heals fast!
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